Monday, 17 June 2013

I'll never take you for granted

Me and Daniel took a little trip to London on Thursday as you will probably have noticed if you follow me on Instagram (I got slightly snappy happy to say the least). We headed for London Zoo, since I've wanted to visit for about a year now! Slightly disappointed there were no elephants but they made up for it in the quantity of penguins.

After we had enough of animal gazing we jumped straight back on the tube and headed to Patty & Bun. Somewhere I have wanted to eat for ages! Let me tell you, it was the best burger I have ever had. Daniel was still questioning how they make the buns when we jumped in the car back in Telford at 1 o'clock on Friday morning.

After a spot of shopping we wandered along the river for a little while. I always like to see the Eye and Ben when I visit, partly because they were some of the first sights I saw when I first visited London. I will never take this city for granted. Every time I visit I fall a little more in love.
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  1. great pictures!!

  2. I'm going to London too next week, whoop whoop!
    Pretty sachtel :)

  3. Lovely photos...eck penguins are the cutest!
    This post has got me really interested in going to London Zoo.

    - sarah xo

  4. I really need to re-visit London zoo it's been far to long! I love London too, so lucky to live so near it :)


  5. I love your boots, and really like your photos too! Looks like you had a fab time :) x