Sunday, 16 June 2013

Week #24

Pretty shirt | Dinner | New Chelsea boots | Similar Essie shades | A peculiar drinks combination | Raspberry and Orange from Costa | I've missed that metal tube smell | My new BFF at London Zoo | Patty & Bun | H&M displays | L is for London | Strolling through Regents Park | Essie Mint Candy Apple Chill out day |  | Miss you Ben | New kimono | Sherbet shades

I'm typing this in a state of dreariness, battling to stay awake. Thats a sure sign that it's been a good week! I've done a nine hour shift at work today to get sale ready, which quite frankly should be illegal on any Sunday, let alone Fathers Day. But it does mean I get to see all the sale bargains before anyone else. H&M is the only sale I shop in because I get to see all the good bits before it turns into a jumbly mess.

Since Daniel booked some days off this week we decided to head down to London on Thursday for the day. A full post is coming up tomorrow, which I did schedule for last night but blogger didn't agree with me. We had the perfect day in my favourite place and quite frankly, coming home gets harder and harder every time.

My new Chelsea boots from ebay arrived this week, only for them to break the first time I wore them. I'm currently awaiting a verdict from the seller, after telling them I wasn't satisfied with their response of 'take them to a cobbler or superglue them'. I didn't buy them to have to superglue them back together after one wear. I also bought this pretty grey kimono from H&M that I searched for high and low in London. It was the last in my size so it was destined to live in my wardrobe!

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  1. Great photos! Love your nail color and awesome neon bag!

  2. Ohh lovely satchel, boots and kimono you have :)

  3. LOVE the bright yellow satchel, its amazing. xxx

  4. Oh my god I love that Kimono! Where's it from?

  5. yes, I will definitely buy them, as soon as I can! btw I love the nail color and the kimono! :) xx

  6. The Essie nail polish you have is lovely and that satchel is to die for!! Very jealous =) x

  7. I get so much wear out of my Chelsea boots, and looks like you had a great time in London :)