Monday, 24 June 2013

Princess dresses and tiaras

I quickly realised when it came to choosing which photos to upload after hours of editing them that because the people in most of the photos are still minors it would be wrong of me to upload them. So enjoy a whole post dedicated to my sisters face. Hey Alice!

She had her prom on Friday and I tagged along to get a few snaps of her getting ready and arriving. Nothing fancy, since photographing events isn't really my thing. (I'm so determined to shoot in the manual setting that I spend far to long adjusting my camera settings and miss all the good bits.) For events like this I shoot in auto and absolutely hate it. Photographers, please don't shoot me.

Nonetheless, my sister looked absolutely gorgeous. At least now we know she does scrub up well. I think my Mum is relieved it's all over as well. She'll be pleased to know she's only got two more daughters due a prom. Lucky her! 

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  1. These photos are just amazing. It's like a fairytale, you did a great job editing them!

  2. wonderful photographies!


    Coline ♡

  3. So cute :) At first I thought it was a wedding :)

  4. She looks lovely :)
    Nice photos as well ;D