Sunday, 28 April 2013

Week #17

Monday night outfit | Photographing my Grandad | Spring blossom
New mascara to test | Watching my sister at Cross Country | Skydiving a year ago
151 Magazine - get your copy here | Friday night outfit | Perfect meal

I've had such a perfect, hectic week. In between university work, I've had to fit in helping Dad with the painting along with trips to university and meals out. But I can confirm I'm writing this from the comfort of my own sofa in my new living room. I am also on the verge of falling asleep on my Macbook, I'm that tired.

I went for a meal on Friday with Mum and my two Aunties. I can't remember the last time we chatted properly, normally I only see my Aunties as I'm passing through so it was lovely to have a good catch up. I wore my little yellow sun dress with the crochet waistband with my H&M ankle boots.

My issue two of 151 magazine came in the post this week. Coco puts an unbelievable amount of effort into creating these magazines and the photography is faultless so I'd definitely recommend having a look round her portfolio and picking up a copy from her website.
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Let's play dress up #3

Some images taken for my Contemporary project that is due in next Tuesday. I particularly like the last image and will in some way be digitally developing. This shoot was a development from the other two shoots I did that you can see here and here. Let me know what you think!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Week #16

Monday morning | 3 for 2 treats - reviews on the way! | New shirt
My summer love | Pop of neon | Summer selfie
BarryM Vivid Purple | Throwback to Summer 2011 | Painting my studio  
Moving in cards | Pretty living room walls | H&M treats

The weeks seem to be rolling into one lately and just flying by! My Zara lookalike shirt finally arrived from ebay. I had an email from ebay a couple of days after it was shipped to say it was removed and I was panicking it might not arrive. Alas, here it is! I also picked up some 3 for 2 bits in Boots before the offer ended. I'll definitely be reviewing these soon. I also picked up these Leopard print slippers from H&M and the sparkly sunglasses which are in the sale.

Our house is coming on nicely. All the rooms are nearly painted, I'm painting both the bathrooms tomorrow whilst my Dad lays the floor. I'll be moving in next weekend! I'll definitely be doing little room tours when we're in and unpacked so eyes peeled for those!
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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Week #15

Selfie | Profiterole treats | Pretty Primark bedding
Coach selfie | Primark treats | Mid morning bath
Green nails | Throwback Thursday! | Favourite sweets
A preview of a shoot for university | Little sister grafting | 3 hours of paint shopping

Well it finally happened this week. We finally got our house! We only got the keys Friday and already two bedrooms are painted and ready for new floor. The other bedroom and living room are heading the same way and the kitchen/diner will be a lovely 'Muddy Puddle' colour by the end of the week. 

I am so excited to move back in AND finish university. Then things can get back to normal. It's right what they say, you wait for a bus and two come at once. I've got such a busy few weeks ahead of me that as of yet blogging has to take a back seat which makes me so sad.

For now I'm tackling my essay and watching The Hobbit. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evenings!
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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Week #14

BarryM Berry | Hanger obsession | Standard Ikea lunch
My flat pack friend | Sleepy kitty wants to come with me | ASOS magic through the post
My pretty April print out | Lunch | New satchel via ebay
Throwbacks to LA times | New phone - finally! | BarryM Yellow

My week started off with an Easter Monday spent shopping round Ikea, it seemed the rest of Shropshire had the same idea. We went mainly for a TV stand since I wanted one of those low ones with drawers so that all the DVDs aren't on show. I did pick up a few other things, new bedding, and alarm clock and some CD boxes too.

It has been a week for new things. My new satchel came in the post on Thursday and it looks amazing! I'm loving the neon trend, in small doses of course, the occasional neon hat or neon satchel brightens up any outfit. This specific bag is going to be perfect for summer. On Friday I got a new phone. I intended on getting the iPhone 4 but the lovely chap in store talked me into the iPhone 5, what he told me made sense though and I don't regret it one bit. Let me tell you, the camera is quite a step up from my 3GS!

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