Friday, 31 August 2012

The truth has been forbidden

 top: H&M
trousers: Red Herring
jacket: Primark
shoes: Primark
watch: Red Herring
rings: Primark, Accessorize, Matalan

I wore this yesterday just to pop round a friends for a catch up. I haven't taken my clogs for a spin for a while so I brushed the dust off them and popped them on. I planned the outfit around my jacket, because I couldn't wait any longer to wear it.

I'm photographing my first wedding tomorrow and I'm so nervous! Wedding photography isn't the route I want to go down, but for a family friend I don't mind. There's always that added pressure though that if they don't turn out, that's that. Wish me luck!
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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Bourjoir So Matt Top Coat

 Bourjois So Matt Top Coat (£5.99)

This is one of my favourite purchases this month. I saw the Top Coat advertised on the Bourjois facebook page when I was in LA and it was on my to-buy list for when I got back. I'm not sure when it was released but it must be popular since every Boots I went in was out of stock until I popped into the one on Oxford Street. I can't find this on the website but in stores Bourjois nail products are 2 for £8 at the moment.

I personally think this product is amazing, I've wanted to buy Matte polishes for ages but this way it saves you buying the same colours matte and shiny. You apply your base colour, wait for it to dry and apply the top coat. I found that if I blew my nails they dried slightly streaky, so I recommend just leaving them to dry naturally.

My friend who has already used it says it doesn't chip, but as like normal top coats, it wears off, you can see the shiny polish underneath it, so reapplying is a must, but I reapply normal top coats anyway. I would so recommend this, even if it is just as an update to old nail colours.
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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Cross the border and into the city

top: F+F at Tesco
skirt: H&M
shoes: New Look
necklace: H&M
rings: H&M
watch: Red Herring
nails: BarryM Grey and Bourjois So Matt Top Coat

I've had such a lazy few days off work, which I hate because there are so many things I intend on doing, then I moan later on that I haven't had time to do them. Although I did go into town today with Abi, because we're both getting that autumn feeling. The kind where you just feel it's completely necessary to fill the wardrobe with wool. I was pretty tame and only bought a grey cardigan in Primark in a healthy size 16 (cosy clothes eat your heart out). I also bought That Jacket. The Zara copy, I couldn't resist anymore.

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Monday, 27 August 2012

I had to find you

top: H&M
shorts: H&M
shoes: Forever21
belt: Primark
bag: primark

I wore this on Friday, whilst wandering around London. I don't look very happy, probably because it rained on me and I didn't take my jacket. I did have a lovely day, took the bus from South London all up to Camden Market. The had a beautiful view of London from Primrose Hill.

The top is probably one of my favourites that I own, pearls, mint and Peter Pan collars all in one - I love it! I paired it with the burgundy shorts I bought in LA in the sale, because at the moment mint and burgundy are a bit of a colour crush.

I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend, and you didn't get too rained on.

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Week #34

 Packed for my sisters // Adventures down the motorway
 Josh having a rest // Mine and Lucy's attempt at cakes
 My idea of babysitting // Winding down 
 New dress // London bound 
 Getting me through the hour wait for Sam // Eating in Camden 
 Homemade lemonade - to die for! // Primrose Hill 
 Chipotle for lunch // Well done Team GB
 Regents Street decor // I would kill to work in this H&M on Oxford Street 
 Team GB support from John Lewis // Ready for the third night out in a row
 The mirror in the toilet, WOW // Strolling round South Bank 
 How are they doing this?! // Damian Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern
 Live butterflies at Hirst's exhibition // The Paralympic Agitos on my favourite bridge

I've had such a busy week, resulting in me only spending two nights in my own bed this week. I visited my sister in Redditch earlier in the week to babysit my niece and nephew then on Thursday I went to London for the bank holiday weekend. 

I've seen a lot more of London this time round. I partied in Chinawhite, where Connor Cruise was DJ'ing, so of course Tom Cruise was there for moral support which was extremely surreal. I visited Camden market for the first time and took a stroll up Primrose Hill and through Regents Park. I finally did some shopping on Oxford Circus and visited a casino for the first time. Then today I strolled around South Bank and visited the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern.

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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Summer is dead

I hate pictures of flowers, which is pretty ironic considering I'm showing you a picture of a sunflower I took the other day. I'm currently at my sisters for two nights so I've scheduled this. I was just sat in the garden the other day and the bee was hovering over the flower, so I thought I'd snap it. I love when it gets to this time of year and the flowers start dying off and the leaves turn gold and fall off the trees. 

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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Week #33

 eBaying my wardrobe away // Tote bag love
 Prepping my nails // Little cutie!
 imPRESS nails // outfit
 Josh watching Bob // 3 for £8 - bargain!
 New oyster card for my trip to London // Monsters, Inc!
My night out make-up

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