Friday, 27 June 2014

Neon daydreams

H&M dress
H&M bag
Primark shoes
H&M necklace
Primark sunglasses
Primark ring

I was quite alarmed when I pulled this jacket out of the packaging. Oh my goodness it's bright. Apart from the colour I think the next thing I noticed was the waffle texture, you might not be able to see it in the picture but it's so lovely, it just gives the jacket that little extra.

I'm glad I paired it with the white dress, even if I did spend all evening worrying about the pink transferring onto the white. I'm seriously loving brights this summer. I'm definitely not one of those people who only wear black, not that it's a bad thing, I just like a bit of colour in my life.

I've nearly recovered from my chest infection, I've been coughing and spluttering all week at work and it hasn't been pretty but I'm nearly there, thank goodness! There's nothing worse than being faced with an eight hour shift and feeling rubbish. Despite being ill I've had a really positive week, I can't wait to be fully trained and working in a store on my own. Exciting!

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Monday, 23 June 2014

Simple dressing

Primark sandels
Forever21 sunglasses

Since I started my visual merchandising training I've become quite a lazy dresser. Being up and down kick stools and ladders all day means dresses and skirts are quite often off the cards. This little chevron number from Missguided is another story though. The length is perfect for work and the print makes it look like I've made more of an effort than I actually have which makes for the perfect dress in my opinion.

I'm currently nursing a sore throat and chest/viral infection which isn't nice at all. I almost called in sick to work for my shift tomorrow but it's been that long since I last had time off sick I don't think I'd know what to say, and I'd be totally wracked with guilt. I'm not looking forward to it one bit though. 

I'm hoping to get my haul video edited and online by the end of the week. The filming wasn't so bad, albeit a little awkward trying to focus the camera on my own, but I've been putting off editing for over a week now. 

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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

All white accessories

Missguided trapeze dress
Primark sunglasses

You know when you get something new and plan your whole outfit around that new item, that's what happened with this bag. I picked it up in London last week and oh my goodness it's love. As far as backpacks go I think it's a pretty smart option and it's only £19.99! Perfect for bike rides in the sun.

I kept the whole look quite simple, threw on my oversized dress from Missguided with my jelly shoes, which only ever seem to rub the same part of my foot. Along my second pair of round sunglasses, I think I left the first pair in Wetherspoons, woops! Good job they're only £3, I dare never buy expensive sunglasses with how forgetful I am.

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Sunday, 15 June 2014

A few from this week

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram will know I popped to the capital last weekend to see One Direction at the legendary Wembley Stadium. I still can't quite put into words how amazing it was. Being surrounded by so many people who care so much about the same five boys is pretty overwhelming, and seeing them on stage speak about just how grateful they really are for the position they are in makes me so proud of them all, there aren't five boys who deserve it more. 

I didn't get to take many photos because my camera wasn't allowed in and the next day we checked out really early and ended wheeling our cases around central London all day. It was bad, and my poor camera got lumped in my case because it was all quite overwhelming. Here's a few pictures I did get though. The first is in Hyde Park, where we visited for the first time before heading to Wembley, I didn't want to go back and have a ride on the peddle boats. We started the following morning, cases in tow with a visit to The Breakfast Club in Soho, their freshly squeezed apple juice was just like biting into an apple, I kid you not!

After a day up and down Oxford Street we spent our last few hours in London sat under the watch of the eye before heading back to Euston for the horrendous 5 hour journey home - stupid trains! My peonies were in full bloom when I got home so I couldn't resist giving them a photo shoot. I'm back to work tomorrow, and I won't lie I can't wait until Saturday already!

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Friday, 6 June 2014

Green pleats

H&M top
Urban Outfitters skirt
Primark jelly shoes
H&M handbag
Avon Ultra Colour Matte lipstick in Ruby

Lately, I've been trying to mix up new pieces in my wardrobe with older pieces that don't necessarily get the same attention as the new bits I pick up, that way everyone is happy! This skirt, which my Mum always told me made me look like a witch, is one that I picked up in LA two years ago. The lace top is new after I'd been eyeing it up for a while. The boxy fit is one that I'm loving lately, although it does make me look quite wide with this skirt.

This is one of those thrown together outfits that seem to have some order to it and looks a lot more thought out than it actually is. My Primark jelly's are surprisingly comfortable for only £4, they've got so much choice in there for shoes this season, although my feet are that wide these days they hardly fit into any. Being on my feet all day is definitely a downside to working in retail. Poor feet.

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Sunday Post: Flower Power

I haven't uploaded a Sunday post since Easter when me and Dan visited Shrewsbury. Today though we ventured back to Ironbridge, a fail safe option but probably one of my favourite spots in Telford. We had brunch in a little cafe bar called Font Italia, which we drive past every single time we visit but have never given it a second glance. They make the best fresh lemonade I've ever tried, I think better than Camden Market, their panini's weren't far behind either.

We visited Queenies cupcakery which is always a must, but the highlight of my day has to be the chance visit to the florist to see if she had any peonies. She had three left and they were £4 each so she bunched them up with some other flowers and said I could have them for £10. I think she felt a little sorry for me going on about how they are my favourites but I can never find them anywhere. It's people like her that make the days worthwhile. 

We got home, ate some cake, played with puss cat, who you can tell just absolutely adores it when we have days off at home with him. I did a teeny tiny bit of gardening - i'm still a beginner, not crazy about the whole muddy wormy situation - but seeing the pink flower on my peony bush is making it worthwhile!

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