Sunday, 15 June 2014

A few from this week

Those of you who follow me on Twitter and Instagram will know I popped to the capital last weekend to see One Direction at the legendary Wembley Stadium. I still can't quite put into words how amazing it was. Being surrounded by so many people who care so much about the same five boys is pretty overwhelming, and seeing them on stage speak about just how grateful they really are for the position they are in makes me so proud of them all, there aren't five boys who deserve it more. 

I didn't get to take many photos because my camera wasn't allowed in and the next day we checked out really early and ended wheeling our cases around central London all day. It was bad, and my poor camera got lumped in my case because it was all quite overwhelming. Here's a few pictures I did get though. The first is in Hyde Park, where we visited for the first time before heading to Wembley, I didn't want to go back and have a ride on the peddle boats. We started the following morning, cases in tow with a visit to The Breakfast Club in Soho, their freshly squeezed apple juice was just like biting into an apple, I kid you not!

After a day up and down Oxford Street we spent our last few hours in London sat under the watch of the eye before heading back to Euston for the horrendous 5 hour journey home - stupid trains! My peonies were in full bloom when I got home so I couldn't resist giving them a photo shoot. I'm back to work tomorrow, and I won't lie I can't wait until Saturday already!

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  1. The three shows at Wembley were amazing, I went to the show on Saturday and oh my I cried a bit hahaha. They deserve this so much, just like you said there aren't five boys who deserve this more :) You took some lovely pictures of London! xoxo Savannah

  2. Sounds like you had so much fun! I'm so envious of your outfit; it's perfect! Also, your peonies look gorgeous x
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