Saturday, 22 October 2016

Our little Willow Rose

Our sweet little baby Willow arrived a whole week early on 6th October at 2.37am. A week early is pretty good by mine and Kyle's standard (we're late for everything) and I must say the whole thing was not as bad as expected.

I hit "publish" on my 38 week update and went out to pick Kyle and his friend Joe up from fishing. I'd made the most of being home alone by hoovering, mopping and just generally tidying around. Em popped round and took my bump photos (I think I knew deep down these would be my last so I put a nice lipstick on). I'd been getting a lot of back pain all day and when I'd nipped next door to see Mum I said I wasn't sure how painful they were meant to be and she said maybe I just have a high pain threshold. We left for the hospital around 7pm and by 8pm we were heading up to delivery - I was already 5cm. After about six and a half hours our little sweet pea was here at last. 

Two weeks on and we're loving every minute of getting to know our little Willow. She's such a content little sweetheart; she'll happily lie on anybody for a cuddle for hours if they'd have her, but she won't mind being put down in her moses basket or on her playmat. She is sure to let us know when she's hungry and wants some of Mama's milkshake (code name for booby milk). She hates being put in her car seat but as soon as you get off the drive she'll have settled into a sleep. She seems to enjoy when the football is on the TV, she must like the vibrant green colour, even though it's probably only a green splodge to her. We're besotted, to say the least.

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

38 weeks pregnant with Baby Pritchard

 How far along?
38 weeks + 6 days. Eight days until due date!

Total weight gain?
I've lost another 2lbs this week, so I'm down to 11st 3lb. 

Maternity Clothes?
Not for much longer I hope! I've been sorting through all my pre pregnancy clothes to see what will be suitable when I'm breastfeeding. I noticed earlier that one of my favourite maternity tops that I've had from really early on has got a big bleach mark on it. I'm pretty sure it was the first maternity piece I bought - gutted!

Stretch marks?
My belly has turned into a tiger this week - I did so well! It was definitely down to baby dropping because from up here above my bump it seems so small. I've started using coconut oil on my belly though, the proper stuff that you find with the vegetable oil in Aldi haha. 

My two least favourite things at the moment are sleeping and driving. My SPD seems to be worse when I'm in bed, it feels like there's just a big massive hole in my pelvis. I read something the other day that said SPD can come back afterwards when you have your period, I really hope that's not true!

Best moment this week?
So many this week to mention them all. Last Wednesday evening we went out for a meal with Kyle's sister Tanya and her boyfriend John, along with his family. It was lovely to meet all his family and see Nanna Nia (Kyle's Mum) and her partner Jeremy. Also, we hit October on Saturday which means stew is back on the Dad's cooking menu  (thank god!) So that's us sorted for Saturday and Sunday's for the foreseeable future.

Miss anything?
I've been pregnant for pretty much the whole of 2016, it might sound silly considering I was never a big drinker anyway, but I'm so excited for an amaretto and coke. 

Baby's movements have been pretty normal until Monday night when I couldn't remember when I'd last felt it move. Normally it's quite active after I've eaten which it wasn't so I did the whole cold drink lie on your left side and we ended up heading down the hospital just after midnight. Typical, the midwife got me all strapped up to the machine and the little bugger starts wriggling around without a care in the world.

Food cravings?
It's not a craving but Mum keeps knocking on my door with pineapples. How can I refuse?! I'm a pineapple cutting pro now, and Em taught me how to know when they're really ripe. They both decided to drag me around town for three hours on Saturday (not really, I agreed to go), then Em thought it was hilarious in Costa that I couldn't sit down my back hurt that much. I had to stand swaying by the table with my bum in the face of the couple sat next to us.

Anything make you queasy or sick?
Not this week.

Kyle decided the other day that it's definitely a girl, because too many people think it's a boy. Mum sat in the hospital all smug because she obviously knew the heart rate thing and we didn't, but she wouldn't share her findings. I googled it after because it didn't drop lower than about 140bmp and at one point it peaked at over 200bmp. Some of the gender myths are ridiculous. Apparently you're more likely to have a girl if your pillow faces south?!

Labour signs?
When we went to the hospital they monitored the heartbeat and my tightenings. She kept asking me if my tightenings were painful because they were coming regularly, but they've not been painful just uncomfortable. 

I'm still getting a lot of lower back pain, and horrible Braxton Hicks. In between my cleaning frenzy (which just seems to be never ending) I do try to nap, but it's just so uncomfortable, on the sofa or on the bed.

Belly button in or out?
Out, and pretty much non existent. 

Stupidly excited! In just over a week we'll have hit due date and I've got a feeling baby will be here by then. I'm kinda glad we ended up at the hospital on Monday just because we're booked on the new consultant led unit and they don't do tours on there, so at least now we've seen a delivery room and know what to expect. We even heard a little baby being born as we arrived.

Looking forward to?
Everything! Baby being born, everybody getting to meet it. Bringing it home, taking it out. Nanna Nia's Halloween party (which I've been eyeing up a tiny costume for). We've waited all year for October, it's going to be top notch!

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