Saturday, 22 October 2016

Our little Willow Rose

Our sweet little baby Willow arrived a whole week early on 6th October at 2.37am. A week early is pretty good by mine and Kyle's standard (we're late for everything) and I must say the whole thing was not as bad as expected.

I hit "publish" on my 38 week update and went out to pick Kyle and his friend Joe up from fishing. I'd made the most of being home alone by hoovering, mopping and just generally tidying around. Em popped round and took my bump photos (I think I knew deep down these would be my last so I put a nice lipstick on). I'd been getting a lot of back pain all day and when I'd nipped next door to see Mum I said I wasn't sure how painful they were meant to be and she said maybe I just have a high pain threshold. We left for the hospital around 7pm and by 8pm we were heading up to delivery - I was already 5cm. After about six and a half hours our little sweet pea was here at last. 

Two weeks on and we're loving every minute of getting to know our little Willow. She's such a content little sweetheart; she'll happily lie on anybody for a cuddle for hours if they'd have her, but she won't mind being put down in her moses basket or on her playmat. She is sure to let us know when she's hungry and wants some of Mama's milkshake (code name for booby milk). She hates being put in her car seat but as soon as you get off the drive she'll have settled into a sleep. She seems to enjoy when the football is on the TV, she must like the vibrant green colour, even though it's probably only a green splodge to her. We're besotted, to say the least.

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  1. Omg adorable!!!

  2. So lovely! Congratulations!

    Victoria x