Wednesday, 30 April 2014

On Wednesdays we wear pink (obviously)

Topshop jacket
H&M crop vest
H&M skirt
Ebay boots
Primark necklace
Primark sunglasses

I couldn't not throw on something pink on the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls. 10 years! Can you believe it! Mean Girls was like my Clueless of the noughties. But seriously, I promise this is the last time I'll feature this jacket for a while, because it seems to pop up every other post these days.

A few other things have made me happy today. Firstly, I handed in my first of three projects at university today, and in two weeks time I'm finished for good! I took my Mum out for lunch afterwards as a mini early celebration. After he finished work my Dad came round to lay the grass in our garden. After living here a year and always having a horrible garden it's so nice to have flower beds and flat grass. I'm actually excited to go shopping for flowers in a few weeks. 

And finally, lets just end with a bit of appreciation for my crazy cat. I keep scrolling up as I type to take another look at the action shot of him catching a fly. Oh he's ever so silly and adamant to make it in as many photos as he can.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The tea towel top

H&M skirt
H&M top
ebay boots
Primark necklace

I seem to have pulled together an outfit that isn't available online, what day and age is this?! This skirt is so about three years old from H&M, but they've had a few similar ones back in this season. It's one of those items that I always put off wearing but when I do, I remember why I love it. So yeah, if you're drawn to the skirt get down to H&M. 

You'll have to take a trip anyway if you want to get hold of my new gingham top. Dan said it looked like a tea towel. I think I'm okay with that, I love it! I noticed I seemed to lack in tops lately, I've been going through a phase where if I wear something and don't feel comfortable in it I'll put it straight on ebay (lindsey2924 is my seller name if you're interested). So when we went to Shrewsbury on Saturday I visited H&M and got me about 4 or 5 new ones.

I took a trip to Tamworth today to visit the H&M there. I'm moving to that store in a few weeks to train as a visual merchandiser. I'm so excited, the store is so nice and is only about six months old, but I'm so sad to be leaving Telford. I've only been full time at H&M for about a month and I'm already progressing, and it's really made me wonder where I could be now if I hadn't wasted three years at university. Ahh life!

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Sunday Post: Easter adventures

I didn't realise until I went full time at H&M how much I would appreciate days off. This week I worked Sunday through to Friday for a well deserved weekend off, oh it's been heavenly! I kicked off my Easter weekend with egg and soldiers for breakfast. I downloaded a new egg timer app which times your eggs perfectly to how you like them.

We decided to take a little trip to Shrewsbury for a walk around the Quarry and some lunch. I told Dan to decide where to lunch and he settled for Zizzi, an italian joint. There's a Zizzi opening in Telford soon and I'm ever so excited, the food was delicious, that much that I managed a full three courses! That never happens. I'm convinced some rings I bought in H&M fell out of the shopping bag in there though so I've been sulking all day about it.

We headed for the Quarry and mainly the Dingle, I haven't been there since I was on work experience with a photographer. It looked stunning! I didn't expect quite so many flowers this time of year so we took a little stroll around, basked in the sun for a little bit then headed home to Boo. The other cat in the picture is a little odd, he'll sit at our door just looking in, but any chance he gets when the door is open he'll come in and eat Boo's food. 

Happy Easter! I sure hope you've enjoyed your weekend and eaten plenty of chocolate! 
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Friday, 18 April 2014

Ice cream shades

Primark sunglasses
H&M necklace

I think it's clear I'm not an all black clothing kind of girl, I don't think I could top to toe black. This has just the right balance for me -  a colourful top half and a monochrome bottom. I ended up repurchasing these boots from ebay after I threw my old ones away in London. I was going to try a different style but I just love these ones. 

This skirt is the first thing I've bought from Fashion Union, but I'm ever so impressed. The delivery was quick which is wondeful and the skirt itself is such a lovely fabric. I was always on the fence about the dog tooth print but this is an absolute gem.
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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Citrus shades

H&M cardigan
H&M shoes
Primark necklace

Can you believe this top is from Asda? I couldn't when I was serving a lady in work and she was showing it off to me. I skipped off to Asda and snapped up the last in my size. George isn't somewhere I normally go to but I had a quick look around and was so impressed. The G21 section has a gorgeous pastel collection at the moment. Have a look at it on the website if you can, it's lovely. 

I've also pretty much lived in these shoes since I picked them up a few weeks ago. They're these ugly pointed flat shoes but they're so comfy and perfect for work as an alternative to boots or dolly shoes.

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