Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The tea towel top

H&M skirt
H&M top
ebay boots
Primark necklace

I seem to have pulled together an outfit that isn't available online, what day and age is this?! This skirt is so about three years old from H&M, but they've had a few similar ones back in this season. It's one of those items that I always put off wearing but when I do, I remember why I love it. So yeah, if you're drawn to the skirt get down to H&M. 

You'll have to take a trip anyway if you want to get hold of my new gingham top. Dan said it looked like a tea towel. I think I'm okay with that, I love it! I noticed I seemed to lack in tops lately, I've been going through a phase where if I wear something and don't feel comfortable in it I'll put it straight on ebay (lindsey2924 is my seller name if you're interested). So when we went to Shrewsbury on Saturday I visited H&M and got me about 4 or 5 new ones.

I took a trip to Tamworth today to visit the H&M there. I'm moving to that store in a few weeks to train as a visual merchandiser. I'm so excited, the store is so nice and is only about six months old, but I'm so sad to be leaving Telford. I've only been full time at H&M for about a month and I'm already progressing, and it's really made me wonder where I could be now if I hadn't wasted three years at university. Ahh life!

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  1. I love your sense of style

  2. fabulous outfit! I love tartan and that top is so cute!

  3. Lovely outfit! The skirt is amazing indeed. And wow, visual merchandiser, that is amazing! How did you start in H&M?

  4. Wow this outfit is so lovely!


  5. Breath-taking Lindsey, that skirt is just spectacular and looks amazing with your tee x

  6. This outfit is absolutely stunning! If this top looks like a tea towel, it must be a gorgeous one! Congrats with your promotion, you'll be an amazing visual merchandiser your style is so lovely!
    xoxo Savannah

  7. Love this look! & the photos are fab too!
    It's so weird - we are having the same life right now! I've recently become a vm at topshop and also spent 3 years at uni before this haha! I'm sure you'll love the new job! :)

  8. tea towel haha it's actually what drew my to this look.
    I absolutely love everything about it! great post really...I hope I can find a skirt like this tooo!!
    I might sew a top like that since I have fabric very similar to it.

    -dominique xx