Friday, 18 April 2014

Ice cream shades

Primark sunglasses
H&M necklace

I think it's clear I'm not an all black clothing kind of girl, I don't think I could top to toe black. This has just the right balance for me -  a colourful top half and a monochrome bottom. I ended up repurchasing these boots from ebay after I threw my old ones away in London. I was going to try a different style but I just love these ones. 

This skirt is the first thing I've bought from Fashion Union, but I'm ever so impressed. The delivery was quick which is wondeful and the skirt itself is such a lovely fabric. I was always on the fence about the dog tooth print but this is an absolute gem.
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  1. gorgeous outfit! I just got these sunglasses in white x

  2. Absolutely love your outfit! The pastels look so pretty with the monochrome skirt!
    xoxo Savannah

  3. Spectacular Lindsey, I just adore everything about this outfit x

  4. looking gorgeous in that pink blazer! and I'm loving those sunnies! x

  5. This outfit is perfect! I need that necklace! :)