Wednesday, 28 March 2012

big eyes, but not scary.

This is my newest model, Abi, one of my best friends. We decided to do a shoot today because I was itching to test out one of the digital Hasselblads that the university provides. The shoot was very monochrome (black background, white shirt) so they definitely look better in black and white.

Monday, 26 March 2012


vest: forever21
bandeau: primark
blazer: H&M
leggings: H&M
necklace: primark
rings: primark and H&M
nails: barrym, grey

I love aztec print, and I love this top, but I rarely wear it because it’s that horrible material that just hangs and stretches. Thank heavens for bandeaus, else I would have deemed this top unwearable.
The weather has been gorgeous today, but I spent most of it in the studio photographing fruit for my still life project. I did have a cheeky hour in a beer garden with some friends on my lunch which was lovely. I only have six weeks left at university so I’m not getting excited about the sun until I can actually enjoy it free of work.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

week #12

blogging at university // a polaroid from a our workshop // penguins at the safari park // baby nephew // ever growing shoe collection // me // gold shoes and bare legs // pink pancake // getting my geek on // titanic on itv1 - so excited for this!
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Friday, 23 March 2012

mirror, mirror

top: H&M
cardigan: primark
skirt: topshop
necklace: avon
This top is quickly becoming my favourite, most likely because it has The Beatles on it. It seems to just look good with everything, even floral skirts. I had my eye on it for a while and I still have my eye on a similar one with Elvis Presley on it.
I’ve been at work nearly all day where I seem to give all my wages back to the till. I bought a bra top that looks like one of them training bras you get when you’re about 10 years old, and a lace vest top with a lot of fringing - definitely something I’ll be saving for the sun!
I’m off to re-draft an essay that’s due in Tuesday, what a joyful Friday night for me!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

rimmel vs. chanel

I never usually wear foundation but Elle magazine tend to stick samples in on the odd occasion. Recently I’ve been a bit of a party animal and since I never wear foundation in the day I decided to try the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation in Soft Beige and Chanel Perfection Lumi√®re in Beige on two of my nights out.

The Rimmel foundation can be seen in the first photo, and it definitely came out on top. It applied so easily (with a foundation brush) and didn’t sit on my skin like normal foundations do and it left me with a gorgeous dewy look. It looked really fresh and natural which is the type of foundation I was looking for.

The Chanel foundation in the second picture definitely disappointed me, considering it was Chanel. It took longer to apply and left that heavy feeling on my skin where you know you’re wearing foundation. I also had to use powder to keep my face matte.

The Rimmel is a new must have in my makeup bag as it was nice and light, and at £8.99 it’s an inevitable choice compared to the £36 Chanel one.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sunday, 18 March 2012

week #11

mondays outfit // a note about monday // a mouthful of grapes // attractive faces // lilac nails // expensive train ticket // new shoes // nannys plaque - 17 years. RIP // ninja kitty cat // little sister asleep on my bed // me modelling // my model // spending time in the studio // chilling at university // drinks with my girls // 9 week old nephew // cheeky nephew stole my glasses // new potential tattoo // pizza for me and the sisters
I have been such a terrible blogger this week, but I have been the same with everything else. All work for university seemed to have taken a backseat whilst I sit around procrastinating. It’s less than two months until I finish now which is scary considering the amount of work I still have to do. But...tomorrow is a new week and I will sort myself out.