Thursday, 8 March 2012

queen of inappropriate

dress: G21 at Asda
jumper: primark
coat: new look
watch: red herring

I don’t think my dresses get much shorter than this one and I opted to wear it to the doctors - talk about inappropriate. I do sometimes dread what I must look like from behind walking upstairs! The only accessory I wore today was earrings and they didn’t even match. I swear I walk round in the mornings asleep. I was in the darkroom all day so it didn’t really matter.
I got my work back for my Identity Project which I handed in last week, at the moment I’m on a B/C which suits me just fine, thank you very much. So much work to do in so little time, so I’m off to research the perfect bowl of fruit for Still Life in the studio on Monday.

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