Thursday, 1 March 2012

white rabbits

  shirt: H&M
leggings: H&M
rings: H&M
necklace : river island
watch: red herring

I got this shirt last week and I’m tempted to buy it in a mint green and a coral pink colour too. Then I saw the necklace in River Island and wanted to try out this mini trend for myself. I quite like it, I've been a little bit in love with anything with a collar since before christmas, and adding that little touch with a necklace really makes the shirt, if you follow my drift?
It’s been a weird start to the month, the weather has been gorgeous today and I intended going to university to hand in work and get the brief for a new project. That was until I blacked out in the shower. I didn’t want to risk the same thing happening on the way there so my mum took me to hand my work in and I’ve been emailed the new brief - I hate missing a day, I feel like there’s so much to catch up on! I can’t believe I’ve nearly finished my first year already. I’ve learnt so much about photography in such a short space of time, but I really am looking forward to the break - and going to LA!

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