Sunday, 18 March 2012

week #11

mondays outfit // a note about monday // a mouthful of grapes // attractive faces // lilac nails // expensive train ticket // new shoes // nannys plaque - 17 years. RIP // ninja kitty cat // little sister asleep on my bed // me modelling // my model // spending time in the studio // chilling at university // drinks with my girls // 9 week old nephew // cheeky nephew stole my glasses // new potential tattoo // pizza for me and the sisters
I have been such a terrible blogger this week, but I have been the same with everything else. All work for university seemed to have taken a backseat whilst I sit around procrastinating. It’s less than two months until I finish now which is scary considering the amount of work I still have to do. But...tomorrow is a new week and I will sort myself out.

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