Friday, 31 May 2013

What I bought: May

I won a £50 gift voucher for ASOS a while ago but everything I kept in my saved items didn't seem to be in my size. I bought a dress, didn't like it and returned it in exchange for this. £16 for such a pretty skirt is brilliant and the material is so soft and floaty.
A black bikini is pretty much essential in a girls swimwear department. Mine lacked a black bikini so when the Beyonce collab came into H&M I jumped right on that bandwagon. I prefer triangular style bikinis over the bandeau style, much more flattering on me.
I've been lusting after these since Lily over on llymlrs showcased them. I managed to get them for about £75 with free delivery using a UNIDAYS code and they are totally worth it. She was right, they look perfect with jeans and dresses and I just seem to have lived in them since they arrived.
I have a tactic when it comes to 3 for 2 offers whereby I buy products I want in similar prices. This is probably everybody else's theory too but hey ho. I was trying to get hold of the top coat for ages but it has been so popular everywhere was sold out. The concealer is a repurchase since it is my favourite and the blusher is a shade I haven't tried before.
Since ordering from Missguided isn't something I have done for years, I pulled out a tape measure before I ordered to avoid having to return. I was torn between these dungarees and pretty much the same ones on The latter sold out so here we are, about to start a dungarees love affair together.
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Monday, 27 May 2013

Your intentions were gold

H&M jeans
Topshop tee shirt
Primark, New Look & Matalan necklaces
H&M and Primark rings
I love these two colours together. They are very autumn'y colours but hey ho I'm still waiting for a proper summer. One day every other week just isn't good enough! I couldn't really decide whether three necklaces was too much, went with it anyway and loved it. I seriously love the stacked up necklace look, very Sarah Jessica Parker!

I've spent my bank holiday Monday wandering round Ikea buying furniture and then returned home to assemble it. I've realised I'm definitely the DIY part of the relationship. Daniel got far too frustrated for either of our likings when he tried assembling a drawer, so he went pottering off upstairs and I finished the job. Now I have no excuse for unpacking my office tomorrow. I can't wait to have a little workspace again, and I've been eying up an iMac for a couple of weeks. I can see a money saving target being made!

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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Week #21

This weeks outfit choices | Silly cat in the Guinnea Pig cage | Blog outfit edit
New dungarees | Sex on the Beaach cocktail | Saturday morning breakfast
Saturday evening dinner | Cheeky nephew, Kyle | Erm, my names Lindsey?
Cheeky traffic light snap | Best day with Daniel | I want a garden like this

I know it's really gushy but my day has been so perfect! After stopping off for a quick breakfast in Starbucks, me and Daniel headed to Leicester for a barbecue with his family. They have such a beautiful big garden and the sun played out all day. I want a huge garden like that one day, tucked away somewhere in London.

Not a lot else has happened this week, maybe thats why I've been showing off so much food. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of blogging and I'm absolutely loving it. It's taking some getting used to but I've got so many ideas lined up I'm sure I'll get far too excited and share them all at once!

I hope you all enjoy your bank holiday weekend and stay safe. I'm tucked up on the sofa watching Django, and tomorrow I'll be paying Ikea for a visit to get office storage.

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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Princess skirt

H&M skirt
Primark cropped tee (similar here)
Topshop Arabel boots
Primark Necklace
H&M and Primark rings
I put this on and immediately went to change. Then after trying an array of footwear on, I settled with my Arabel boots and actually decided I liked it. The heigh on my Arabel boots is perfect, not too high, not completely flat, but the length of the skirt is a little awkward. I'd love it all the more if it had an extra inch or two off it. But nonetheless I fell in love with crop tops and high waists.

I picked up my crop top from Primark for about £3 so although I've linked the Topshop one I'd recommend going Primark instead because well 1) they're cheaper and 2) Topshop ones have that horrible unfinished seam that just looks so tatty. I'll definitely be popping back in and picking up a few more colours before my holiday. I'd quite like a grey and a white one too.

This morning, I've taken full advantage of the free next day delivery offer on Missguided and ordered their Isabella Short Dungarees in Black. I've already had the email saying it has been dispatched so I'm planning a little cheeky outfit for a pub lunch with me and Daniel over the bank holiday weekend.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nails Inc. Denim & Stud

Nails Inc. claim their Denim and Stud set 'is a beautiful textured indigo shade that applies glossy and dries down to a classic denim effect finish.' It certainly does just that. It applies like an absolute dream and dries a textured blue in one coat. I waited to blog about this because I noticed after a days wear a silver shimmer appeared which I found very pretty, and I wanted to see what else happened. The texture also wears down to a smoother finish after a few days, but I for one quite like textured nail. In terms of chipping it still looks fresh as the day I painted them. Ten points!

This set includes the denim effect polish with the denim effect cap, a number of silver and gold stud embellishments, nail glue and cuticle sticks. I personally didn't like the studs. I just couldn't get on with them and they snagged on everything and just fell off. I reapplied them twice in the time I wore the polish and after a day they were ripped off.

Overall I really liked this product. I'd definitely give the studs a miss next time though since they snagged all of my tights! I know for a fact I wouldn't have paid £19 for it, even as a set, but if you are after something a bit different or for a gift for a nail art fanatic  then this is perfect.

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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Week #20

Nails Inc Denim & Studs - review this week! | Couldn't resist this sign | Lana
Beautiful Lana | A new one to the collection from Daniel | The cutest wallpaper
Naughty lunch with Mamma | Cheeky little nephews | Hickory chicken for dinner
Throwback to our summer by the seaside | #freeyourfeet challenge | Mirror shot
Date night outfit | The Great Gatsby - brilliant film! | New bedding

I couldn't have asked for a better week to kick start my four months off. I handed my work in on Monday and headed straight to Birmingham to see the beautiful Lana Del Rey. She's an exquisite little being, so dainty and beautiful. We were about 2 meters away from her and I just couldn't take my eyes off her all evening.

The majority of the week was then spent curtain shopping with Mum. Who knew that could be so tiring! After over an hour spent in just Dunelm I was ready for a nap. All afternoon I all I heard from Mum was "You should pick your fabric first before your paint" There's a tip for you all, but quite frankly I love the colours of my walls!

I received the Nails Inc Denim and Studs set to review which will be up this week. I was hoping to do it sooner but after such a hectic week last week and wanting to wait to get my nails done it has been put on hold. I also received a pair of Clarks shoes for their #freeyourfeet competition which I will be taking part in. It's all very exciting!

Last but by no means least... The Great Gatsby. What a film. Daniel took me to see it Friday night and oh my, it's wonderful! It's so beautiful, but sad at the same time. It made me wish that I lived in New York in the 1920's and that I had the party hosting skills of Gatsby. 

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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Socks and Sandals

dress: H&M
shoes: River Island
socks: Topshop
bag: ebay
necklace: H&M
rings: Topshop and Primark
sunglasses: Primark

Oh how peaceful today has been! My first day of freedom from university, and let me tell you, it tastes good! I kicked off my four month break last night by seeing Lana del Rey at in Birmingham. She was perfect. But I don't think I'll ever hear the end of the fact my sister touched her.

I wore this outfit last Monday on the bank holiday. A few people shouted 'socks and sandals' but I'm not sure, would we class these as sandals? I liked it anyway. Don't shoot me. The colour of the dress was just screaming to have a pop of colour added to the mix.

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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week #19

Danny in the hot tub | Bank holiday chilling | Dad doing what he does best
Jailbird | Socks and sandals | New ASOS skirt
Tortellini for dinner | Beyonce as Mrs Carter bikini | My new arabel boots
Throwback to days in London | Breakfast in bed | The finished draft of my photo book

I couldn't miss my Sunday update no matter how much work I have to do! But it is just a quick one since my deadline is tomorrow. I've slowly realised university wasn't for me, but I've got one more year so I'm determined to graduate. 

My week started off perfectly with a little bank holiday barbecue at Mum and Dad's followed by an evening meal in Wetherspoons with all the family and Grandad. My ASOS skirt arrived this week, along with my Topshop Arabel boots, I've been dying to get these for ages and couldn't resist the strategic blogger photo of them posed on the box. 

I finally finished my one project for university that involved me creating a photobook. I filled mine with outfit post photos and you can even buy it on Amazon. I'm now spending the night finishing off my other project ready to hand in tomorrow and then I'm free until September!
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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Week #18

One of these white kitties is mine! | New blue bedroom | Pretty new phone case
Watching Youtube on the TV | New rings | Dinner for two
Ring stash | Blogging from my coffee table | Barry M Lychee
Throwback to M&M world | Pretty treats from Daniel | Sofa Sunday

It's been a pretty quiet week for me, I've spent the week settling in my new house whilst working towards my deadlines. So far this week I've handed in one project and an essay. I did manage to squeeze in a little review on the Barry M Gelly polish on Wednesday - a must have for any nail paint lover.

Finally my little kitty has been born! Which one I will have yet I don't know, I guess maybe a white one? It's slightly weird that the Mamma kitty had an all white litter but I can't wait to meet it and bring it home.

I've been slowly unpacking and still have a lot to do. I found my ring holder since I bought a stack of new rings from Primark and I love having them all on show. I also came home yesterday to some pretty jewellery from Daniel. The hands are from Urban Outfitters, I can't find it online anymore but they do have some lovely jewellery storage on the website.

I hope your enjoying your bank holiday weekend. I've spent the day on the sofa creating a Lookbook for my project and tomorrow I'm going to Mum and Dad's for a barbecue then out for a meal with Daniel.

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