Sunday, 26 May 2013

Week #21

This weeks outfit choices | Silly cat in the Guinnea Pig cage | Blog outfit edit
New dungarees | Sex on the Beaach cocktail | Saturday morning breakfast
Saturday evening dinner | Cheeky nephew, Kyle | Erm, my names Lindsey?
Cheeky traffic light snap | Best day with Daniel | I want a garden like this

I know it's really gushy but my day has been so perfect! After stopping off for a quick breakfast in Starbucks, me and Daniel headed to Leicester for a barbecue with his family. They have such a beautiful big garden and the sun played out all day. I want a huge garden like that one day, tucked away somewhere in London.

Not a lot else has happened this week, maybe thats why I've been showing off so much food. I'm slowly getting back into the swing of blogging and I'm absolutely loving it. It's taking some getting used to but I've got so many ideas lined up I'm sure I'll get far too excited and share them all at once!

I hope you all enjoy your bank holiday weekend and stay safe. I'm tucked up on the sofa watching Django, and tomorrow I'll be paying Ikea for a visit to get office storage.

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  1. I love the photos! especially the cat <3

  2. Nice dungarees :)

  3. Aww your cat is so cute :). That garden looks perfect for the summer and BBQ's i would love one like that too :)