Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Sunday Post: Mothers Day

My first Mother's day gift from my little pussy cat. You may laugh, but he is my little baby. I actually got my Mum this gift set too because she is a bathaholic (yes, I made that up, but you get my drift), then when we were out for dinner today Dan text me to say Boo had been shopping and left me something on my office table. What a clever little cat!

I was greeted with the sweet smell of the Bunty gift set which contains two bath bombs and two bubble bars. The top right and bottom left, Think Pink and Space Girl are the bath bombs and the other two The Comforter and Cream Candy are the bubble bars. I had to ask the difference when I bought this for my Mum: the bombs fizz and change the water colour and the bubble bars give you a bubbly bath - duh!

Apologies for the bad blogging lately. I've just started working full time at H&M, which I'm absolutely loving. My feet on the other hand are not. It's so weird thinking back to three years ago when I was only 8 hours weekend staff and the youngest on the team. I feel so old now! It's taking me a little time to adjust, and my house is screaming for spring clean, but I'll get there.
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Sunday Post: A Saturday's attire

H&M top
Topshop petite jacket
H&M skirt
H&M bag
H&M shoes
Primark necklace
Primark sunglasses

Yesterday morning was spent how every Saturday morning should be spent: by the Ironbridge in the sun, eating cupcakes from Queenies Cupcakery. Perfect! I wasn't going to post these until next week, but why wait. Hope you've had a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The pink jacket

Topshop petite jacket
H&M dress
H&M backpack
Primark necklace
Juju at ASOS jelly shoes

The full body shots of this outfit didn't really turn out too great (I swear my 50mm lens is the worst thing ever for focus!) so you've just got a few snippets to feast your eyes on. This little pink jacket from Topshop is a new favourite of mine. I'm glad I swapped it for the petite version, it fits so much better. I wore my jelly shoes to work all weekend, and got asked an awful lot of they rub, I thought they would but they're surprising comfortable. 

Note to self: don't wear short dresses when riding your bike. Dresses are deceiving and normally end up a lot shorter when your sat down and pedaling.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Sunday Post: Recent buys

 H&M skirts (£10 each in sale)
Primark shorts (£10.00)
H&M shorts (£12.99)
 Juju jelly shoes via ASOS (£16.00)
 Primark necklaces (£5.00 and £3.00)
H&M hat (£3.00 in sale)
Forever 21 sunglasses (£4.90)
H&M fluffy cardigan (34.99)
Topshop petite jacket (£55.00)
Primark bomber jacket (£15.00)

I read my horoscope today in this months Company magazine, it said: "There is no need to buy your whole S/S14 wardrobe before April's out - pace yourself. And your pocket!" Remember that fellow capricorns, because I clearly haven't. This has all been picked up since I was in London which was only last weekend. I need somebody to padlock my bank card away for a while I think. Any takers?

Friday, 7 March 2014

Our Airbnb experience

People find it a little strange when I tell them I've never stayed in a hotel. Growing up we always had caravans or tents. My first foreign holiday was in a friends apartment in Turkey and when I went to LA I couch-surfed so moved around and stayed with different people, then last year I stayed a week on a gorgeous boat on the Canal du Midi in the South of France. And that ladies and gentlemen is my annual holiday in a nutshell. 

I first heard of airbnb when we were planning our trip to LA. You can book an entire place, a private room or a shared room and you can set your maximum and minimum price and number of guests. We did originally book a room with a gay couple in LA but they later had bad reviews so we cancelled and got our money back. 

Me and Dan picked out about four places we really liked, then settled for this one. I was drawn to the decor and the location (we could see Piccadilly Circus from our window). On the website we clicked 'entire place' but the apartment had four rooms with a shared bathroom, I'll admit I was skeptical but it was always clean. We had no bother with noise from the other quests and the guy who let us in was so friendly. I was so impressed. We paid £79 a night, which is so cheap considering the prices of hotels in the same area. Go take a look! You might decide to take a weekend break somewhere different.

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Yeti cardigan

H&M dress
H&M fluffy cardigan
H&M bag
H&M shoes
H&M necklace
Forever 21 sunglasses

I love these street style photos so much. I really need to invest more time in taking outfit photos, especially now it's getting lighter at night. I might enlist my sister the job since I can tell it's a pain in the bum for Dan. I think he gets sick of taking photos of me, poor chap.

I love the fact that it's starting to warm up enough not to have to wear a coat every time I step out of the door. My little fluffy cardigan kept me warm enough for our stroll around North London on Saturday. It looks lovely over everything, particularly this little floral number also from H&M. Me and dresses are having a bit of a thing at the moment, I'm feeling a little under confident and dresses make me feel a little better.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Sunday Post: London for the weekend

I'm back from our weekend break in London and it was so lovely. We took one too many trips back to Oxford Street, along with eating at some delicious places and watching Non-Stop at the cinema in Leicester Square. I took Dan to Camden for the first time and we headed up Primrose Hill. My feet are falling off and my legs are stiff but all the walking was so worth it. Dan kept asking how my feet were as if they would miraculously soothe themselves. They're still soothing themselves now.

Our apartment was just off Piccadilly Circus on Haymarket, you could see the boards from our window, and just around the other corner was Leicester Square. I could not fault it. The location was absolutely spot on. My feet may be hurting, but they'd be hurting a lot more if we were further out of Central. 

I feel so content when I'm in London, it's by far my favourite place I've ever visited. Every time I visit I discover something or somewhere new which I absolutely adore.