Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Sunday Post: London for the weekend

I'm back from our weekend break in London and it was so lovely. We took one too many trips back to Oxford Street, along with eating at some delicious places and watching Non-Stop at the cinema in Leicester Square. I took Dan to Camden for the first time and we headed up Primrose Hill. My feet are falling off and my legs are stiff but all the walking was so worth it. Dan kept asking how my feet were as if they would miraculously soothe themselves. They're still soothing themselves now.

Our apartment was just off Piccadilly Circus on Haymarket, you could see the boards from our window, and just around the other corner was Leicester Square. I could not fault it. The location was absolutely spot on. My feet may be hurting, but they'd be hurting a lot more if we were further out of Central. 

I feel so content when I'm in London, it's by far my favourite place I've ever visited. Every time I visit I discover something or somewhere new which I absolutely adore.


  1. Totally agree with your view on London, I love it there! I'm desperate for a visit soon, so once my uni work is in I'm making a b-line! That's a lovely view on your last picture, where did you take it from?


  2. Did a similar post myself earlier on :) We went to Camden last time we went down to London, absolutely love it there! Always see a million and one things I want to buy in the market! I'm completely with you on the feet front, I'm absolutely shattered and we've only done the one day!

    Laura x

  3. You guys are so cute, very nice pictures :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! Can't wait to visit London again :)

  5. Such beautiful pictures I'm going to had a good time. I'm so lucky I live close to London.