Sunday, 27 July 2014

The Sunday Post: Much Needed R&R

I didn't realise how much we actually needed a break until we had one. I feel like I've come back with a whole new burst of inspiration. I'm ready to start eating better and exercising more. I love going to classes at the gym, but I became so complacent and lazy I was only making it to one Yoga class a week. Now that my sister has joined and I've finally got a gym buddy there really are no excuses. Plus I'm going away again in September so it gives me something to work towards. 

I've got lists galore in my notebook of blog content I want to create, I've split it up into beauty, fashion and lifestyle. I've even put some video ideas down because I'm dying to start Youtube. I filmed a haul back in June but was so overwhelmed by the editing I gave up before I even started, but I'm ready to try again.

I think the most important thing for me is getting out more. Dan and I both work Monday to Friday and with me working an hour a day, by the time I get home all I want to do is sit down, the same goes for the weekends. I can't deny that most of the time they are spent watching back to back Friends episodes curled up under a throw on the sofa. Shameful. I've decided though I want to get out and do something one of the days, then at least the other will be spent guilt free.

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Sunday Post: A Girls Gotta Have Options!

This post should have happened Friday but since I was still running around packing six hours before our flight I didn't have time to fit it in. So whilst I spend my Sunday sunning myself by the pool (I'm writing this at 2am on Saturday morning so I'm not 100% what Sunday's plans are) you can all learn how not to pack... 

I'm not complaining, I do actually love packing. I tend to write a list about a week before, split into clothing, toiletries and electronics, then the fun starts! I like a fresh outfit for everyday, even though some days I'll just be sat by the pool in my bikini - better safe than sorry kids. I also like to try every outfit on with shoes and accessories so I know exactly what it will look like. I learnt my lesson when going on a night out, I planned a really nice outfit in my head and when I got to my friends and put it on it looked horrendous, so my way may be long winded, but it puts me at ease.

I tend to take every beauty product I have used a week prior to my holiday. With just my toiletries and Dan's clothes in the suitcase it weighed 16kg, our max was twenty (!!) Needless to say we spread the weight of my clothes between our hand luggage and the remaining 4kg in the suitcase.

I also wouldn't recommend leaving it until hours before your flight to actually pack. I've always been pretty organised but for some reason this time around I just couldn't get started, even though my list has been sat there a week. Oh well I made it, I'm here and I'll be home in a week!
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Sharing the Love

I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite bloggers and vloggers that I can't go a day without checking in on. Creepy I know but there's so many incredibly creative people out there online and I don't think there's anything more inspiring than reading other people's take on something.

B L O G G E R S :

I swear everything Abby posts about on her blog I want for my house in the hope it will make it that tiny bit more Pinterest worthy. My most recent coveting has been this Lever Arm Table Lamp.

Charissa, a fellow H&M'er has such lovely style. I feel like in the last twelve months I've watched her blog so much, it's so lovely to see, especially when someone deserves it so much.

I only discovered Emma's blog after I snapped a picture of her at London Fashion Week. Her style is so well thought out, and her wardrobe is to die for.

I discovered Lucia's blog the same way as Emma's. She has such beautiful photography and although her style is quite simple, everything still looks exquisite.

Katie's writing is by far the most beautiful I have ever read. Every blog post she uploads I seem to question my outlook on life. If there's one blog you should add to your blog roll it is this one.

I love Kate! She's got such a fun personality and by far the best taste in homeware (along with Abby!) She also runs an online magazine which will leave you with hours of reading content.

V L O G G E R S :

My absolute favourites! I love this little family, and I get so excited for 6pm every evening. I enjoy more than anything watching their two children grow up on screen. Little Emilia is the cutest little button you will ever come across!

The first video of Hannah's that I watched was her birthing one, so to have watched little Grayson changing the last six months later is lovely. I always vowed since that I will record my pregnancy and after because those memories are so precious.

I love Estee's main beauty channel, but I have quite the soft spot for her vlog channel. There seems to be a reoccurring theme of vloggers that vlog daily weekly but I'm just so nosy I can't resist seeing what others have been up to!

Sammi has the perfect mix of vlogs, tags, fashion videos and beauty ones on her channel. I especially love her fashion ones, she has such a lovely laid back style that is so inspiring.

Anna is the reason I just spent £34 on a moisturiser. Yes, £34. I could have bought a new pair of shoes with that, but no, you only get one face. It better be worth it Anna!

Another beauty vlogger/blogger who I can blame for my extensive lip collection. Alix uploads the most beautiful bright videos, it always looks like summer in her house, and her more recent vlogs in Bournemouth and London have been lovely watches.

I know this sort of post doesn't suit anybody, but I personally love when my favourite bloggers share their favourites. It's more than likely that if I like reading their blogs I will also like reading their recommendations. Let me know in the comments some of your favourite blogs that I should check out!

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Monday, 14 July 2014

A Tribute to H&M

H&M vest
H&M kimono
H&M sliders
Primark sunglasses

See, this is what happens when you work at H&M, your wardrobe and consequently your entire outfits end up from there. It's strange to think though that if I worked in Topshop or River Island my style would be completely different, or at least I think it would be. What do you think?

This is the outfit that went with yesterday's post. The one where we ended up bickering down this really nice street in Shrewsbury that reminded me somewhat of North London. I'm definitely taking this kimono on holiday as a cover up. In fact, I plan on packing every piece of this outfit to be worn with something different. I'm tempted to travel in the shorts, the elasticated waistband will be perfect for in flight mode and if you haven't hunted in about ten different H&M's for these sliders yet, where have you been?!

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Sunday Post: Burgers galore!

I'm ashamed to say this is the first Saturday (I know it's Sunday now) in a few weeks where we've actually got up in the morning, got ready and gone out. I definitely think after our holiday we need to make Saturday's a going out kinda day. Otherwise I will shamelessly just sit on the sofa watching Friends and Sex and the City, and more recently Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The latter I am a little ashamed about.

I wanted to go to Haughmond Hill in Shrewsbury which is a nice forest trail but we go away next week and Dan was desperate for some new swimming shorts. We popped into Shrewsbury town, namely H&M, and then to The Armoury, a gorgeous pub on the riverside where we both settled for steak burgers. 

We took a stroll back through the Quarry, bickered a bit about taking outfit photos (I'll share them tomorrow) then headed back to my little white polar bear, who I again shamelessly snuggled up on the sofa all evening.
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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jazzy slacks, part two

H&M slacks
H&M sliders
Topshop necklace
Forever21 sunglasses

I'm throwing this one out there really quickly before I head to bed. Nothing flashy really, I did warn you in my last post I wore the same top but with different slacks. Throw on some sliders, a necklace and some sunglasses and you've got a relatively different outfit I guess.

Disclaimer: I am totally aware that I have become quite the boring dresser. I blame my VM training. 5am alarms and an hour drive to work tend to mean I just throw on the first combination that pops into my head, which at said time in the morning is nothing too extravagant. Maybe I should start planning my outfit the night before...

p.s Normally my silly cat is happy enough to just prowl around in the background of my photos trying to get noticed. Today he took in a step further and got in my bag. I hope he puts a smile on your face!

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Jazzy slacks

H&M slacks
Primark shoes

Do any of you buy loads and loads of tops but always seem to forget that you need bottoms to wear with them? I've done that a lot lately, so last week I bought two pairs of slacks and a pair of culottes, something I never thought I'd see myself in. These jazzy bottoms were the first to catch my eye. I'm just so in love with the print, and I've watched something eye catching like this for a while.

I love the yellow and blue combination and I know I seem to wear this top to death (I wore it today with the other pair of slacks I bought) but it's just so versatile. I'm hoping to find something that's a similar material but in white, because you know if you like it get it in all colours!    
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Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Slipping and sliding

H&M kimono
Topshop camisole
H&M sliders
Forever21 sunglasses

A sale shift on Sunday led to a few bargain purchases, this kimono being one of them. It's been floating around the store catching my eye for a while and when that little scanner flashed up saying £7 I had to grab it. The length is so nice, I thought it would drown my short frame but it doesn't and I felt like a Superman with my cape whipping behind me as I flew around work.

Something I can't quite believe is the fact that these sliders made it onto my feet without a fight. When they started making an appearing on blogs and websites I was a little apprehensive but I love these H&M ones. I don't think I've seen another style that I like as much as these.

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