Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jazzy slacks, part two

H&M slacks
H&M sliders
Topshop necklace
Forever21 sunglasses

I'm throwing this one out there really quickly before I head to bed. Nothing flashy really, I did warn you in my last post I wore the same top but with different slacks. Throw on some sliders, a necklace and some sunglasses and you've got a relatively different outfit I guess.

Disclaimer: I am totally aware that I have become quite the boring dresser. I blame my VM training. 5am alarms and an hour drive to work tend to mean I just throw on the first combination that pops into my head, which at said time in the morning is nothing too extravagant. Maybe I should start planning my outfit the night before...

p.s Normally my silly cat is happy enough to just prowl around in the background of my photos trying to get noticed. Today he took in a step further and got in my bag. I hope he puts a smile on your face!

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  1. You look wonderful Lindsey, I just adore your trousers. Your cat is the most adorable little guy, maybe you should take him out in your bag more often? x

  2. These slacks look really nice as well! Your cat is so cute, I love that he just went in your bag hahaha! x

  3. I'm also in retail and I basically have four outfits I just rotate! I feel your pain! And your cat did put a smile on my face :) x