Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Sunday Post: Little Things in Life

  • The chill in the air at night but being curled up under a blanket.
  • Hot buttery crumpets for breakfast.
  • Burning candles - the smelly ones.
  • Binge watching TV series, I'm caught up on The Walking Dead and The Missing. 
  • My family. I'm so blessed to have such a big one.
  • Ticking everything off my to do list.
  • Having a tidy inbox.
  • My little Boulle, especially at night when he curls up on the sofa by me.
  • Good hair days (a rare one for me)
  • Those little moments in my relationship that makes it all worthwhile.
  • Spending hours scrolling instagram looking at Scandinavian home interiors.
  • Fresh bedding, I bought one from Asda with ski slopes on it.
  • When Boo greets me outside when I come home from somewhere.
  • Fresh flowers scattered around the house.
  • Scrolling back through my instagram profile.
  • Afternoon naps.
  • Salted microwave popcorn.
  • Making progress.
  • Having acrylics so my nails don't chip at work.
  • Yoga.
  • The two Thorntons advent calendars I've managed to bag this year.
  • Hour upon hour spent watching Youtube videos.
  • My stroll to work at 6.45am. It's bliss.
  • All things Christmas. The lights, the smell, the movies. I love it!
  • Planning the future, two words: New York.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Primark shoes
H&M bowler hat
H&M necklace

How cosy does this jumper look. It's not actually that thick, but the length is just perfect, if not a little awkward on me because of my height. An oversized top and super skinny bottoms is a look i'm really into, very laidback, just the way I like it on these cold winter days.

I also couldn't not mention my new shoes from Primark. I stupidly wore them to work and they ripped my poor feet apart. They're somewhat comfier now though, and I only noticed when I was going through these photos that the plastic tag is hanging off them. HA. Seriously though, I love them, I picked them up (more like hunted them down) in white too.

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Last Christmas

Missguided dress
Primark Limited Edition bag
Primark socks (similar here)
Primark necklace

It must be said this year I'm struggling to find an outfit for my Christmas party. Last year I had three options, all Missguided, this dress being one of them. Maybe I've just developed fussier taste in the past 12 months, but nothing seems to wow me. I tried that beautiful white Topshop dress but the smaller size was too tight on my bum and the bigger to big on my chest. Sigh. I'll be sticking to my oversized dress at this rate, but maybe with dressier heels for the evening. I've got my eye on a beautiful pair in New Look

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Friday, 21 November 2014

Places to visit: Za Za Bazaar

I walked into this place expecting your average all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant. Let me tell you, this place was not average. I felt like we'd stepped into some sort of New York food market. There were six different stations all offering up different cuisines. I couldn't even manage all six!

Each station offered 'live cooking' which was fun to watch and there were some things like burgers and stir fry's that you could put together yourself. I'm so glad we stumbled across it, we nearly ended up just going to Wetherspoons - thank god we didn't! If you're ever in Bristol or Newcastle I'd definitely recommend stopping by.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Places to visit: 888,246 Poppies

I've wanted to visit the poppy display at the Tower of London since it popped up in August. Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red is it's official name (I googled it) and if you get chance to see it then do. It was breathtakingly beautiful. The area around the moat was so busy, but so eerily quiet at the same time. I felt an awful sense of pride when in London on Saturday, poppies were everywhere, I even saw a dog with one on his collar. It's comforting to know that 100 years on, people still appreciate everything the wars heroes did and still do to this day.

The poppies are set to be dismantled tomorrow and sent away to their new owners, but part of the installation is staying put until the end of November and then it is being moved to the Imperial War Museum. A once in a lifetime opportunity I guess. 

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Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Sunday Post: A quick stop in Bristol

I popped to Bristol to visit my brother on Friday with Mum and my sisters. I apologize for all the leaves and general strange photos, it's just that the leaves have only just dropped in Bristol and it was absolutely beautiful! It was like a summers day on Friday, I ditched my coat and strolled around Bristol city centre in just my little leather dress.

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