Sunday, 29 December 2013

Week 51 & 52

Cuddling the remote | New boots via ebay | Cuddles with another | Christmas party outfit | London love affair | H&M Home | Lola's Cupcakes | Skate at Somerset House | First Christmas in our home | Presents from Daniel | Christmas dinner | Back home with my polar bear | Minty stationary | Beyonce | Yankee Candle treats | Christmas dinner take two

I've had such an incredible few weeks that I'll actually be quite sad to have to get back to reality. I didn't get chance to blog last Sunday and to be honest I haven't had much chance at all, I don't feel like I've stopped since I handed my dissertation in on 20th. It's okay though, that's how I like life the most, when it goes at 100 miles per hour. 

Last Monday me and my little sister Emiley went to London for the day, mostly because we wanted to go skating at Somerset House. I didn't get many photos on my camera or phone because the weather was so bad, and we had to cut our trip short because of the storm and cancelled trains, but we still had the best day. I'd seriously recommend going to Somerset House, it rained the whole hour and we were soaked but it was so worth it.

Christmas came, and Christmas went. I received some seriously beautiful gifts and was spoilt rotten. It was my first 'grown up' Christmas. Waking up in our own house before heading to visit all our family. We finally got home at about eight that night for maximum Christmas cuddles from my little polar bear. And then today my sister visited with my niece and nephew and we had another Christmas dinner. Nothing will ever beat Dad's cooking!

Friday, 20 December 2013

Payday Beauty treats: 3 for 2 on Rimmel London

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 107
Rimmel Kate Lasting Finish lipstick in 016
Wake Me Up concealer in Ivory

Today has been one mad rush and I made a serious mess up on my mad dash in Boots. I got myself these two lipsticks and the concealer (3 for 2 - duh!) and then I thought I'd treat my secret santa at work to more than just £5. Is that breaking the rules? Or are we allowed to spend more if we want? Well I did anyway, I got her two nail polishes and the Kate Moss 107 lipstick, because lets face it, it's a must have. Got everything home and realised after picking up my 107 from the front, the one behind it wasn't actually the same. 

I looked at the swatch on the button and thought well it's not so bad, she might still wear that, opened the bullet and the whole end of the lipstick was mushed up in the lid. WHY? Why didn't I check it?! I'm going into Boots tomorrow to see what they can do, I mean I haven't even swatched it on skin so it's not even smeared, just a big mushy mess. What do we reckon? 

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Week #50

Meeting Proudlock | Jamie Laing | Off out for some food

So the highlight of my week was probably watching 1D perform on the XFactor final. Wild! I spent most of the week sat at my desk in my pyjamas and as much as I hate wishing my life away, I cannot wait until this time next week when I'm kind of deadline free, but definitely dissertation free! 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Party girl

Photography: Lindsey Pritchard
Model: Naomi Elson
Hair & Make up: Naomi Elson

This is the last shoot in my series for this project. I don't normally work on the black scoop so these shots are a lot different compared to my usual ones but I'm still so happy with how they turned out. The disco ball was a much easier prop to work with and all the co-ord and two dresses are all from Missguided. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Flowers? Oh my!

Photography: Lindsey Pritchard
Model: Naomi Elson
Hair & Makeup: Naomi Elson

This was the second shoot in my Photographic Portfolio series and in all honesty I'm not as excited about these as much as I was the balloons. I was inspired to use flowers after flicking through a copy of Company magazine earlier in the year but when it came down to it in the studio we kind of weren't sure what to do with them. We spent over an hour playing around experimenting and these photos ended up being my favourites from the shoot.

Let me know what you think! 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Week #49

Boulle climbing the tree | Festive pigs in blankets | Christmas outfits | German Market | Advent calendar choices | Party photoshoot | My first Laura Mercier product | Gramp's cute note

By the time I finished work last night, at 9 o'clock, I managed my beef stew that Dad made for me then went straight up to bed. The thought of getting my laptop out and blogging was too much. My week was made on Saturday night by the little note my Mum passed to me in the last photo. My Gramps wrote it, it's a book title with the author and where Mum can buy it from - 'Hamma son'. To me and you, that's Amazon. He's so cute I can't even handle it.

Christmas is in full swing round our house. Boo is still on his quest to be the white polar bear on top of the tree, I've been cooking pigs in blankets - my favourites! Dan's Dad gave me an advent calendar to add to my 1D one and on Thursday night we visited the German Market, which I didn't take nearly enough photos than what I had hoped to!

Other than that I haven't really left the house this week on a mad quest to finally write my dissertation. I photographed my final shoot of the year which actually all ended up being Missguided. I think they're so on the money this season and my three outfits for over Christmas are all from their website.

Friday, 6 December 2013

The payday beauty treat: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

I started this new tradition a few months back whereby every payday I treat myself to something beauty related. Now I know you may be thinking 'blimey you only pick something up on payday!'. Well let me tell you, H&M have this lovely thing called fortnightly paydays. Oh they are wondrous.

Last night I went to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham and couldn't resist a quick trip to the beauty hall in Selfridges. I knew exactly what I wanted and had a brief moment of panic when I stepped off the escalator and the floor had been moved around. After having a quick frantic run around for the counter I was quickly matched to the shade Beige Ivory. Silk Creme is a medium coverage which is perfect for this time of year and all the Christmas'y things we've got planned over the next few weeks.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mustard jumper

Topshop boots
Topshop hat
Primark necklace
Primark socks

I've gone a little bit jumper mad this year. I don't want to be caught out in the cold again after last winter. Brrrr! I picked up this mustard number in work last week intending on wearing it with a skirt. Well, said skirt was shorter than the jumper, which wasn't quite the look I was going for. So my jeans are standing in for now since I was so desperate to wear it. I'm thinking of maybe getting a leather bodycon skirt to wear with it and doing a bit of tucking at the front. I'm not quite sold on bodycon skirts though, I'm pretty bottom heavy so I'm not sure a tight skirt is going to really do it for me.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week #48

Back of the camera shot | Clothes Show photo shoot | My little sleepy polar bear | The long Christmas keeping Boulle out of the tree begins | Ta-dah! | Just hanging around | A Coca Cola visit | Free Radio Live | Look at the stars

It's been such a lovely week for me. I started off Monday with a What I wore today style photo shoot for a friends project. Made a change being in front of the camera rather than behind! I kinda wish I had a photographer to photograph my outfits. I know I'm a photography student, but it's seriously hard to tell if a shot is good when your using your tripod and a remote. I was back in my comfort zone back behind the camera on Tuesday shooting the fashion students collection for the clothes show. I was seriously impressed with the clothes, they were incredible.

I decided to put my Christmas tree up on Friday. I would have done it today but work calls and all that. Almost immediately Boulle mistook it for a climbing frame and is currently running round the living room chasing baubles he's managed to flick off. Oh to be a kitten.

After a long day at work yesterday, and a somewhat hectic one since the entire population of Telford flocked to the centre for the Coca Cola truck visit. I headed straight to Birmingham for the Free Radio Live concert which was brilliant. I've been twice before and the sound hasn't been great but it really seemed like a step up this year. I saw Lawson, Conor Maynard, Union J, Pixie Lott, Little Mix, The Vamps, James Arthur, The Saturdays and Ollie Murs. My favourites were definitely Little Mix and James Arthur, I seriously couldn't fault either of their performances.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Week #47

Toile shoot for the Clothes Show | Santa's grotto | Poorly day | Stir fry | Oh Christmas tree | Studio fun with flowers | Catching Fire! | Sunday lunch with my little puddings

I'm just about rounding of my week with 10 minutes to spare. That means it's 10 minutes until I can buy One Direction's new album. YES! After a fun filled week of photoshoots, a cinema date night and lots of christmasy treats I'm ready for my bed. A few poorly days earlier in the week didn't even put a damper on it but I'm all better now after a course of antibiotics. I can sense my weeks are going to be lots more fun towards the run up to Christmas. Sweet dreams!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week #46

Another Real Techniques brush to my collection | Cat from Topman | Shooting for the Clothes Show | Feast for my sisters birthday | Borrowing boyfriends clothes | Sparkly socks Friday

I've been quiet this week on the blogging front, I had a tutorial on Monday and realised my dissertation AND one of my projects is in this side of Christmas. That's about 4 weeks time. Scary. I am involved in an exciting project with the fashion students and the Clothes Show Live though which will sit well alongside my studio project. We did a styling shoot on Tuesday which was just shots of accessories and tomorrow we've got a shoot with the clothing before the big shoot next week. I'll definitely try getting these photos up at some point to share and I'll be photographing my day at the Clothes Show in December.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Week #45

Wednesday night's outfit | Lusting after H&M's underwear | Got myself a honeycomb hot chocolate | Friday night cocktails | Little sister's birthday present

Can anyone else sense that first sparkle of christmas excitement in the air? The nights are dark, the air is cold and all the best Christmas ads were on the telly last night. It's so exciting! Oh and Costa's christmas drinks are back. No biggie. But seriously if you haven't tried a honeycomb hot chocolate please do, and make sure you have it with cream and edible stars.You won't regret it.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Driving Cadillacs In Our Dreams

H&M fur coat
Topshop bowler hat (similar here)
Primark clutch
River Island necklace

I'm so stupidly in love with this dress it's unreal. I wanted the same one that was on Missguided over the summer, but I went on holiday and they were never to be seen again. I did a google search for something like 'Coral Aztec Shift Dress' a few weeks ago and the Want That Trend website was the top result. I've never bought from them before or admittedly ever even heard of them but the delivery was quick (though not as cheap as Missguided). Still I can't fault them or the dress. It's a lovely fabric which isn't what I expected it to be and I can't wait until next summer to go bear legged with sandals. Perfect!