Sunday, 1 December 2013

Week #48

Back of the camera shot | Clothes Show photo shoot | My little sleepy polar bear | The long Christmas keeping Boulle out of the tree begins | Ta-dah! | Just hanging around | A Coca Cola visit | Free Radio Live | Look at the stars

It's been such a lovely week for me. I started off Monday with a What I wore today style photo shoot for a friends project. Made a change being in front of the camera rather than behind! I kinda wish I had a photographer to photograph my outfits. I know I'm a photography student, but it's seriously hard to tell if a shot is good when your using your tripod and a remote. I was back in my comfort zone back behind the camera on Tuesday shooting the fashion students collection for the clothes show. I was seriously impressed with the clothes, they were incredible.

I decided to put my Christmas tree up on Friday. I would have done it today but work calls and all that. Almost immediately Boulle mistook it for a climbing frame and is currently running round the living room chasing baubles he's managed to flick off. Oh to be a kitten.

After a long day at work yesterday, and a somewhat hectic one since the entire population of Telford flocked to the centre for the Coca Cola truck visit. I headed straight to Birmingham for the Free Radio Live concert which was brilliant. I've been twice before and the sound hasn't been great but it really seemed like a step up this year. I saw Lawson, Conor Maynard, Union J, Pixie Lott, Little Mix, The Vamps, James Arthur, The Saturdays and Ollie Murs. My favourites were definitely Little Mix and James Arthur, I seriously couldn't fault either of their performances.


  1. lovely're right about those fashion students, those clothes do look amazing!

  2. Boulle is so cute, my cats do exactly the same as soon as the tree goes up.


  3. Those pics are so festive. Especially the coca-cola truck. Love those pics so much!

  4. Your cat is so adorable :) xx