Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week #13

New pressed powder | New blush brush | The catwalk I walked
My 50's look | Beautifully packaged lipsticks | Sleeping kitty
 BarryM Greenberry | Cupcake plaster saving me | Last summer in London
Matching set | A trip to Queenies cupcakery | Selling this skirt on ebay: lindsey2124

Well I hope you've all been enjoying your long weekend so far, since I'm not one for sitting still, I find it extremely boring. I am going to Ikea tomorrow to buy a lovely new television stand for my new house, which I get the keys for T H I S  F R I D A Y. I am so excited!

I spent the day in Birmingham modelling for a MUA student, her theme was 50's and she created an amazing natural look with a 50's full skirt to complete the look. After all the snow and my disaster trying to get off the drive for hair trials last Sunday night I did wonder whether it would have been cancelled, but alas, it's not over until the fat lady sings, and she was obviously snowed under herself.

I also took a little trip to Queenies cupcakery in Ironbridge yesterday with Daniel and my sisters. I have linked the website incase you want to check it out so hover over it and you'll pick it up. I'm having trouble at the moment getting my links in a different colour, but I assure you they are there!

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, eat my share of chocolate because I'm not keen, and have a quick peek at my ebay items I've got for sale!

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Friday, 29 March 2013

What I bought: March

I was browsing around for a shirt with studs on the collar and the only other one I found was on Missguided. This ebay gem won with it's bigger collar and not-so-sheer material. I love it that much I intend on ordering it in black too.
My extensive jean collection grew a little more with a new pair of oxblood jeans. I made the mistake of buying my last pair in this colour from a cheap shop, I won't be making that mistake again. They are reduced on the Topshop website now so get them before they're gone!
I've loved this jumper since I saw Lily from feature it in her military haul. I was browsing the site and it was reduced so thought better late than never. I love the oversized style, but it's not on the website anymore.
Every girl needs a little black dress. This H&M number is mine, since I didn't have a smarter one. I love that it's casual but I can still dress it up and let me tell you, the texture is gorgeous.
It's no secret that the Real Techniques brushes are by far my favourite. After using the contour brush for both contouring and blusher it was definitely time to invest in the Blush Brush.
This shirt caught my eye to wear with my oxblood Leigh's. I love that the material isn't too sheer and the short sleeves are perfect for when it warms up.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week #12

Baby nephew | New shirt | Practicing eye liner flicks
Bland looking salad | Photoshoot with my favourite model | ASOS magazine
New black dress | BarryM Blue Moon - Lovely colour! | Spiked collar
 Baby pepsi | Train station | One Direction

What a lovely week I've had. It started off on Monday with me arriving back from Daniel's early morning to find my littlest nephew tottering round the house. There is nothing cuter than a baby learning to walk! I had a bash at eyeliner flicks because I'm useless, and I've also been wearing BarryM's Blue Moon, which is a gorgeous pale blue.

Along with a studio shoot, which I will show you the pictures as soon as I've gone through them. I also braved the weather yesterday to head to Birmingham to see none other than One Direction. I have been a fan since X Factor (not one of the crazy ones) just one that appreciates what they do - as well as their good looks! I wasn't disappointed. They put on such a great show and I fell a little more in love with them. (Fangirling to the max now!) But seriously, if your yet to see them, you are in for a treat.

I'm getting an early night since I'm up to head to Birmingham again tomorrow to model for a college students fashion show. She's going for a 50's style outfit, but more classy than pin up. Should be good fun!

Keep an eye out on Instagram and Twitter for what I'm up to. Both can be found @elegantcha0s. Hope you've all had a lovely week!

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Studded Collar

shirt: eBay
skirt: H&M (similar here)
shoes: New Look (old)
bag: eBay
watch: Red Herring

I thought I'd post something since I've had the real bloggers bug lately, and I didn't want to fall completely out of the loop. I'm really having trouble getting decent quality images at the moment and it's really doing my head in! I broke up from university for my Easter break today and I'm going to see One Direction tomorrow so all in all, quite a good start to the weekend.

I found this shirt on eBay and since it arrived I've decided I'm going to buy it in black too. It's sheer but not too sheer which is a winner in my eyes. I was definitely channelling a bit of Alexa Chung when she wore the Phillip Lim blouse a few years ago. She pulled off the simple monochrome look perfectly so I gave it a go myself.

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Week #11

Monday morning | Healthy lunch | Company's April issue
Contact sheet for university | Flower shopping | BarryM Pink Flamingo
Visited my Nan 18 years on | Throwback Thursday | Showing my support for Comic Relief
Prints of me and Daniel | Frankie and Pearl playing in the bath | Trying out this eye combination
Another new pair of Leigh jeans | Asos treats | Someone stole the shoulders from my top

Another week, another Instagram update. Blogging has kind of took a back burner at the moment. Especially since my clothes are spread between three different wardrobes and I haven't got a suitable back drop to take photos. I'm trying to focus on getting my projects for university done as soon as possible so that I've then got 4 months to just play!

I've got a busy week ahead of me. Along with photo shoots and long days at H&M, I'm also going to see One Direction and planning a catwalk show I've nominated my not so professional modeling skills for.

Also, as most of you have probably already heard the news about Google Reader, I would urge you (if you want to carry on reading) to follow me on Bloglovin'. The link is as the bottom of this post as well as in my sidebar. I've come to prefer Bloglovin' after I realised you see the bloggers page instead of just the basic post that Google reader provides.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Let's play dress up #2

Photographer: Lindsey Pritchard
Model: Adrianna (Ada) Czachorowska
Styling: Lindsey Pritchard and Ada Czachorowska

This is part of a series of work for university based around the notion of concealing the face with masks. People use fashion as escapism all the time and I wanted to channel that idea in as elegant way as possible with Tim Walker being my main inspiration.

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Week #10

 Contact sheet of me and Daniel | A bit of breton and tartan | Early morning warm ups
 Studio session | BarryM Textured polish in Ridley Road | Me and a baby Josh
 Spaghetti for lunch | Date night outfit | Macaroon treats
Tinted moisturiser for good skin days | Topshop treats | Happy Mothers Day

I finally got back to work at university this week. On Monday I started printing images for my Identity project and on Tuesday I shot a film in the studio. I honestly cannot wait to break up in May. There's so many little day trips I have planned for me and Dan but just no time at all to do them.

I purchased another pair of Topshop Leigh's today in the wine colour. They have an offer at the moment so they're £25 instead of £38. Sprinkle a bit of student discount on top of that and you have yourself a nifty little £22.50. Bargain! Especially considering they are nearly £40 normally.

I'm trying out a new layout for this weekly post. Let me know what you think. I can't wait for a full blog makeover. All in good time! 

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Monday, 4 March 2013

Leave me lost in my shadow

dress: H&M
blazer: H&M
shoes: ebay
clutch: Primark
rings: H&M and Primark

I wore this cheeky number a few weeks ago for mine and Daniel's valentines date night. We went to a little old police station in Ironbridge that is now an Indian restaurant. Daniel led me to believe the Iron Bridge is lit up at night. He lied. So we took a few outfit photos outside a little sweet shop before we headed home.

I love this little dress for the summer, and since these were taken when we had a few spring-like days, I thought I'd wear it along with my newest boots. They are killer to walk in, but how amazing do they look! Such a great purchase.

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Week #9

 New studded socks // Primark playsuit
 Brush cleaning // Watching H&M AW13 at Paris Fashion Week 
 Cheeky little nephew // Throwback Thursday - at the X Factor tour 2010 
 Neon nails // My March calendar print out
 Salty popcorn snacks // New studded collar shirt
 Meatball substitute in Ikea // My first DIY project

I've had such a relaxed week, it's been great! I guess tomorrow I have to get back to it. I made a few cheeky purchases this week including the little studded Primark socks, a jumper from ASOS and my clothes rail from Ikea. Me and Daniel took a trip on Saturday and when we got home I completely my first DIY flatpack. My shirt also arrived that I ordered just over a week ago. How amazing is the length of the collar on it?! I plan on wearing it to a date night at Cosmo this week.

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