Sunday, 31 March 2013

Week #13

New pressed powder | New blush brush | The catwalk I walked
My 50's look | Beautifully packaged lipsticks | Sleeping kitty
 BarryM Greenberry | Cupcake plaster saving me | Last summer in London
Matching set | A trip to Queenies cupcakery | Selling this skirt on ebay: lindsey2124

Well I hope you've all been enjoying your long weekend so far, since I'm not one for sitting still, I find it extremely boring. I am going to Ikea tomorrow to buy a lovely new television stand for my new house, which I get the keys for T H I S  F R I D A Y. I am so excited!

I spent the day in Birmingham modelling for a MUA student, her theme was 50's and she created an amazing natural look with a 50's full skirt to complete the look. After all the snow and my disaster trying to get off the drive for hair trials last Sunday night I did wonder whether it would have been cancelled, but alas, it's not over until the fat lady sings, and she was obviously snowed under herself.

I also took a little trip to Queenies cupcakery in Ironbridge yesterday with Daniel and my sisters. I have linked the website incase you want to check it out so hover over it and you'll pick it up. I'm having trouble at the moment getting my links in a different colour, but I assure you they are there!

Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, eat my share of chocolate because I'm not keen, and have a quick peek at my ebay items I've got for sale!

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  1. those cupcakes look delicious! you are so gorgeous xx

  2. Those cupcakes look gorgeous! And loving the 50s look!!

  3. Nice pics, great `50 outfit!

  4. You 50s look looked great!Xx

  5. Loved all of the pics and the 50s look!

    Gaah, I'm seeing way too many photos of Real Techniques brushes. I think it's time that I buy one.

    New Post: Boracay Photo Diary

  6. such beautiful pictures and your 50s look is amazing.

  7. Love your 50s look and the way you've done your hair! So pretty
    Daniella x

  8. your instagram photos are lovely!