Sunday, 17 March 2013

Week #11

Monday morning | Healthy lunch | Company's April issue
Contact sheet for university | Flower shopping | BarryM Pink Flamingo
Visited my Nan 18 years on | Throwback Thursday | Showing my support for Comic Relief
Prints of me and Daniel | Frankie and Pearl playing in the bath | Trying out this eye combination
Another new pair of Leigh jeans | Asos treats | Someone stole the shoulders from my top

Another week, another Instagram update. Blogging has kind of took a back burner at the moment. Especially since my clothes are spread between three different wardrobes and I haven't got a suitable back drop to take photos. I'm trying to focus on getting my projects for university done as soon as possible so that I've then got 4 months to just play!

I've got a busy week ahead of me. Along with photo shoots and long days at H&M, I'm also going to see One Direction and planning a catwalk show I've nominated my not so professional modeling skills for.

Also, as most of you have probably already heard the news about Google Reader, I would urge you (if you want to carry on reading) to follow me on Bloglovin'. The link is as the bottom of this post as well as in my sidebar. I've come to prefer Bloglovin' after I realised you see the bloggers page instead of just the basic post that Google reader provides.

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  1. aww, your cats are cute, I love these kind of posts. xxx

  2. love your blog

  3. nice photos! loving all your new clothes!

  4. aww your cats are cute!!
    UK High Street Fashion

  5. oh hi! You are very pretty


  6. Love the shoulder-less top, where's it from? Great teaming with the pleated leather skirt.

  7. I love your style. You look like a really cool chick. Might have to follow you...

    Sarah :)

  8. Love this post, I can be so when it comes to other people's instigrams :) give us a follow and we would love to follow back
    Paloma and Jess