Sunday, 24 March 2013

Week #12

Baby nephew | New shirt | Practicing eye liner flicks
Bland looking salad | Photoshoot with my favourite model | ASOS magazine
New black dress | BarryM Blue Moon - Lovely colour! | Spiked collar
 Baby pepsi | Train station | One Direction

What a lovely week I've had. It started off on Monday with me arriving back from Daniel's early morning to find my littlest nephew tottering round the house. There is nothing cuter than a baby learning to walk! I had a bash at eyeliner flicks because I'm useless, and I've also been wearing BarryM's Blue Moon, which is a gorgeous pale blue.

Along with a studio shoot, which I will show you the pictures as soon as I've gone through them. I also braved the weather yesterday to head to Birmingham to see none other than One Direction. I have been a fan since X Factor (not one of the crazy ones) just one that appreciates what they do - as well as their good looks! I wasn't disappointed. They put on such a great show and I fell a little more in love with them. (Fangirling to the max now!) But seriously, if your yet to see them, you are in for a treat.

I'm getting an early night since I'm up to head to Birmingham again tomorrow to model for a college students fashion show. She's going for a 50's style outfit, but more classy than pin up. Should be good fun!

Keep an eye out on Instagram and Twitter for what I'm up to. Both can be found @elegantcha0s. Hope you've all had a lovely week!

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  1. Love that spiked collar and your scarf, is it tartan?

  2. So cute, your nephew looks adorable! And I love your scarf :-) xx