Wednesday, 28 June 2017

What Willow Wore #1

H&M bodysuit [pink version]
Primark hat

I first shared a picture of Willow's outfit on Instagram a few weeks ago, and I've been meaning to do this blog post ever since. I enjoy buying clothes for her far more than me these days. I'm still finding my feet with my own style since becoming a mum, so being able to shop for Willow is a welcome distraction. I could go wild with the amount of summer clothes I've got saved in my favourites in my H&M account, but I've kept it quite minimal considering we only get a handful of really hot days in this country.

The white bodysuit and shorts are both H&M. I think having worked there for so long their style in baby clothes is definitely to my taste, and the prices are pretty reasonable too, even without the staff discount. The shorts are only £2.99 and the bodysuit is £5.99. I can't find the white bodysuit online anymore but I've linked the pink one which would also look nice with the shorts. The little hat is from Primark, but getting her to keep it on is a whole different ball game these days.

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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Eight month Willow Update

We're a whole week late of this month's update. We've just been so busy and by the night time when I get to sit down and write I've either started it and fallen asleep or just not got round to it. My party trick lately is falling asleep on the sofa until 1/2am - wild!
I completely forgot about the clinic the week before we went away but I tried the whole weigh myself then weigh me and Willow trick and it came out about 17lb 8oz. Obviously that's not entirely accurate and I reckon she lost a little bit of weight when she was poorly last week.

This month I'd really like to get into a routine in the morning. I'm sick to death of not getting dressed until she goes for her morning nap and I hate the fact that for the last 8 months 9 times out of 10 I look like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Just a little makeup and a bit of TLC on the hair front can make all the difference.

As for the evening she we still have the same sort of routine. I only bath her every other day though and she's definitely not in bed by 7 every night.

It's been hit and miss this last month. She started off waking a couple of times a night which I thought was probably because she was sleeping in a travel cot whilst we finished decorating her bedroom. As soon as she went in her cot she slept through the night. She had a rough week at the caravan, there was a couple of nights that I saw every hour but she had a viral infection and for a few days it really knocked her about. 

Back home now and she's not sleeping through but I said to Kyle she's learnt to crawl and pull herself up pretty much within the week. Her little mind is in overdrive learning all these new skills, no wonder she can't sleep through! Although pulling herself up on the side of her cot at 4am is not my idea of fun. She knows how to keep us on our toes!

Oh my god, she gets so hangry at times! Kyle jokes that she's going to be a little fatty she loves food that much. She has grown to love peas, oh god I love watching her eat peas. She really enjoys her Wheatabix for breakfast too. We started on three meals a day this month but it doesn't always happen, some days she seems happy enough just with milk. 

She had an outfit on today that is 4-6 months from H&M and it was hanging off her, I think she probably lost a bit of weight when she wasn't very well. The only thing that fits her well at the moment is dresses, her little 6-9 month shorts hang off her little waist and her jumpsuit that is 6-9 months is far too long on her. I had her in a 3-6 month bodysuit today and that actually fit her really well. Maybe I need to hold off buying anymore summer clothes in bigger sizes, at this rate her flowery shorts will still fit her at Christmas

Where do I start?! She crawled for the first time on 20th May, then she forgot and went back to doing her little slug along the floor. She properly mastered it when we were at the caravan for the week last week. Within a day or two she was pulling herself up on things but is still very wobbly. For months now we've always shared a bath but I've had to stop getting in with her because she just wants to climb all over me.

I swear I say it every month but she's becoming such a character now. She gets angry and her little arms go all stiff, she's going to be a right little madam! She's discovered my glasses and constantly wants to play with everyone's jewellery. If you tell her no she goes 'AH!' which I don't know if that's her way of protesting.

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