Monday, 28 October 2013

Black clouds

Photography: Lindsey Pritchard
Model: Naomi Elson
Hair & makeup: Naomi Elson

This was the first shoot for my Photographic Portfolio project. The brief required a minimum of six high quality shot in the studio. I decided to shoot fashion portraits experimenting with different props. After researching different artists, I decided balloons are always a fun place to start. I chose four outfits of similar shades that work together as a series and opted for black balloons to contrast the white backdrop.

Let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated, good or bad as it all goes in my workbook.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Week #43

A puss cat from Selfridges | Pizza break | Helping me essay write | Balloons | His favourite new toy | Payday treats

I made it! That rough week I was telling you about wasn't so bad. The worst part was writing my dissertation proposal, I have a feeling that's going to be a big fat fail. I had a shoot on Thursday, possibly one of my favourites involving eight black balloons (that later became seven). I'll be uploading these tomorrow so eyes peeled! I then presented them to my group on Friday which was so scary, but it seemed to go well! 

I've got so many ideas for content for my little blog at the moment, fashion, beauty and a little bit of lifestyle, I'm feeling a lot more positive about my final months at university and plans afterwards. Onwards and upwards eh!

Monday, 21 October 2013

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo

Okay, so lets talk breakouts. We all get them, some worse than others. I went all through my teens with clear skin and it's only been in the last year that my skin has been disobedient. It's also only in the last year I've wore foundation on a regular basis so I'm definitely putting it down to that. Oh to have fresh face again!

I don't know a single blogger who hasn't complained about their complexion since the recent change in weather. My saviour has been the much coveted Effaclar Duo from La Roche-Posay. This was a product that was always popping up on beauty blogs but I wasn't sure what it actually is. Spot treatment? Moisturiser? Primer? I've seen it used in all these ways.

I bought this in France in the hope it would help clear up the constant breakouts on my chin. I was that desperate I sat googling what spots on my chin meant, one website said it was hormones and another said it was a lack of fibre. I applied a little bit just on my chin right before bed and since I started using this about a month ago, I've had one spot on my chin which is considering what it was like before, is good.

Since the most recent breakout, resulting in three beauties around my face, I've used it as more of a serum: post cleanse, pre moisturise. Slowly but surely we're getting there. It's one of those products that you can experiment with to find how it works best for you, so I'd definitely recommend it, even if you only use it as a spot prevention treatment.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Week #42

He loves our new throws | Sleeping, as usual | On Wednesday's we wear pink | Took me ages to light this candle | Homemade curry from my love | Flower Friday - apparently a new tradition | The Quarterback episode | Ready for belly tickles | A balanced lunch

It hit me midweek quite how much work I've got to hand in next week. I've got a 1200 word proposal due in on Friday which is still non existent. I also have a presentation Friday and a 500 word proposal due in on Wednesday that's sat at 100 words. I wish my course was a lot more practical. I don't want to write about photography, I just want to take photos! As a result I've spent a lot of time at home this week, mostly with mon cheri Boulle snuggled up wherever I go.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Week #41

The new Birmingham library | Escalator chic | Damage done | Miley on repeat | Boyfriends birthday | Never a lonely bathtime | Birthday celebrations | A Primark tartan gem | Princess doughnuts | Burrito | Birthday cake for breakfast | Teeny tiny Lily | Ed's Shakes | Ed's Diner | New cosy throws | Payday beauty treats

This week has been one of those rare crazy ones for me and Dan. It was his 21st on Tuesday which meant a family meal on Tuesday and Wednesday and a meal followed by cocktails with one of Dan's pals from work on Friday night. 

He was given enough Topman vouchers to kit out our whole street so we went to Birmingham on Saturday to spend them. I had already been on Monday to visit the photography exhibition at the new library and spent a fair amount then, so by Saturday I was standing strong against spending. I did buy a pair of super cosy tights and green paisley trousers from Primark but the trousers are heading back tomorrow. I also treated him to a burger and shake from Ed's Diner, we like to eat somewhere different every time we go to Birmingham or London and we were torn between Ed's and Handmade Burger Co.

A birthday always means an overload of cakes in the house since we had chocolate fudge made by Dan's boss, a dozen Krispy Kreme's and a chocolate cake. This has resulted in me having cake for breakfast on more than one occasion this week.

I'm ready for a much quieter week ahead, a few days in work and a visit to my sister in Redditch. I hope you've all had a lovely week too.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Days in the city

Primark loafers
H&M necklace
No7 Pink a Dink nail polish

Today's been a bit of a mash up of all my new bits I've picked up over the last few weeks. If you caught up on my monthly purchases post you'll know the game I had to get this coat in a size 8. You can guarantee I will always buy the wrong size from ASOS, so from now on I'm going to buy two. I was desperate to wear it to Birmingham today so kept the underneath layers simple, my Leigh jeans, which have seen better days and my grey quilted t-shirt.

I went to visit the new library in Birmingham which is a pretty interesting building to look at. It's only been open a month and we went to check out the gallery, which I was unimpressed by. I then pottered off to the Bullring and spent, well, enough. A day well spent I guess, along with my wages! I'll be popping up what I picked up at the end of the month.

I've been trying to experiment a little more with my hair recently. This has been my most recent style on my inbetween washes days. I walk round with the worst hair envy most days and just find my hair so lifeless and flat. If you have any products that I should try please let me know!

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Week #40

Sleeping Boulle | Favourite shot of Emiley | 50's makeup | Foldable cat | Mum's birthday flowers | Pritchard siblings | Bedside cupcakes | A night in with Cher | Doubling up | And again | Little baby Kyle

These full weeks at university are killing me and it's only my second full week. I had to schedule myself in a day off on Friday because a weekend in work on top would have killed me. I don't know how these hardcore students do it. You know the ones who go out every night then roll up to lectures the next day. I'm pretty happy with my granny ways. It's been nice to go out for Mum's birthday meal and then have quiet nights in watching films. I couldn't ask for more quite frankly.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

What I bought: September

ASOS blazer coat
H&M Boucle jacket
H&M hats and scarf (last season)
Primark loafers 

I was a lot more tame with my spending during September than I was the past few months. I picked up two new winter coats from H&M and ASOS. I'm actually sending the ASOS one back since I've spent about a week checking the website every so often waiting for a size 8 to come back in stock. This morning at about 6.30 I woke up and hit the jackpot. The H&M jacket reminds me a little of the Topshop boyfriend blazer coat they had in last year and I just had to have it.

Now that the temperature is dropping I've been after some new winter accessories so when I was helping clear out the stockroom at work and found these 2 hats for £2 each and the scarf for £1 I snapped them up right away, and my new little loafers have replaced my old flats that had lost half of their studs.

On the beauty front I picked up the St Ives Apricot scrub but for sensitive skin because I heard this one doesn't contain sulphates. That doesn't mean much to me, but I mean I guess every little helps. I also picked up the MUA eyeshadow palette in Undress Me Too which has got some seriously gorgeous browns, bronzes and golds. 

Let another month of shopping commence!