Sunday, 6 October 2013

Week #40

Sleeping Boulle | Favourite shot of Emiley | 50's makeup | Foldable cat | Mum's birthday flowers | Pritchard siblings | Bedside cupcakes | A night in with Cher | Doubling up | And again | Little baby Kyle

These full weeks at university are killing me and it's only my second full week. I had to schedule myself in a day off on Friday because a weekend in work on top would have killed me. I don't know how these hardcore students do it. You know the ones who go out every night then roll up to lectures the next day. I'm pretty happy with my granny ways. It's been nice to go out for Mum's birthday meal and then have quiet nights in watching films. I couldn't ask for more quite frankly.


  1. Looks like a fun cosy weekend!


  2. Wish i could be a cat and sleep all day long, hope uni is going okay :)