Sunday, 20 October 2013

Week #42

He loves our new throws | Sleeping, as usual | On Wednesday's we wear pink | Took me ages to light this candle | Homemade curry from my love | Flower Friday - apparently a new tradition | The Quarterback episode | Ready for belly tickles | A balanced lunch

It hit me midweek quite how much work I've got to hand in next week. I've got a 1200 word proposal due in on Friday which is still non existent. I also have a presentation Friday and a 500 word proposal due in on Wednesday that's sat at 100 words. I wish my course was a lot more practical. I don't want to write about photography, I just want to take photos! As a result I've spent a lot of time at home this week, mostly with mon cheri Boulle snuggled up wherever I go.


  1. Your kitten so cute, I can't handle it! xx

  2. Ahh your cat is so cute! And all the best with your photography work!

  3. I don't miss academia at all even if I miss Uni life, essays and all that stuff suck :(. Hope you get through them ok though! Your cat is adorable :)


  4. Best quote, On Wednesday we wear pink!


  5. Your cat is adorable! and I love your blog :)