Sunday, 17 November 2013

Week #46

Another Real Techniques brush to my collection | Cat from Topman | Shooting for the Clothes Show | Feast for my sisters birthday | Borrowing boyfriends clothes | Sparkly socks Friday

I've been quiet this week on the blogging front, I had a tutorial on Monday and realised my dissertation AND one of my projects is in this side of Christmas. That's about 4 weeks time. Scary. I am involved in an exciting project with the fashion students and the Clothes Show Live though which will sit well alongside my studio project. We did a styling shoot on Tuesday which was just shots of accessories and tomorrow we've got a shoot with the clothing before the big shoot next week. I'll definitely try getting these photos up at some point to share and I'll be photographing my day at the Clothes Show in December.


  1. Ahh that sounds terrifying, but dissertations always are. Best of luck! Also your cat is ADORABLE.

  2. cool photos...and best of luck with that project that is due in 4 weeks.

  3. Love your booties! Best of luck on your dissertation, I'm terrified to start the work on mine for the upcoming spring!

    xo. Franchesca

  4. The shoot looks great fun, wish i had the opportunity to be involved with something like that.


  5. amazing blog :) I love real techniques, buffer brush is my favourite..


  6. sounds familiar :) dissertations can take sooo much time.

  7. Looks like you had a perfect week! I love Real Techniques brushes, really good to use!
    Fashion Ganache.