Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Fluffy jumper

Primark Jumper
Primark necklace

Excuse these awful photos. I've really struggled lately with getting decent outfit photos. Being a photography student doesn't help, I'm always picking out tiny flaws and waiting for perfect lighting, which given the clocks changing and horrendous weather it seems hard to come by. I spent half an hour squelching around in the mud to achieve these. Maybe I need to rethink my backdrop but I just love the bricks and can't bear to shoot indoors. Anddd, i'm done.

I absolutely love wearing my new fluffy jumper from Primark, I originally bought a size 10 but decided on the oversized look and swapped it for a 12. I paired it with my pretty little baroque skirt and coat jacket from H&M which I swear I never take off.


  1. Love ur jumper. Cool look.

  2. Lovely autumnal outfit!

    Loving the statement necklace