Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Sunday Post: Recent buys

 H&M skirts (£10 each in sale)
Primark shorts (£10.00)
H&M shorts (£12.99)
 Juju jelly shoes via ASOS (£16.00)
 Primark necklaces (£5.00 and £3.00)
H&M hat (£3.00 in sale)
Forever 21 sunglasses (£4.90)
H&M fluffy cardigan (34.99)
Topshop petite jacket (£55.00)
Primark bomber jacket (£15.00)

I read my horoscope today in this months Company magazine, it said: "There is no need to buy your whole S/S14 wardrobe before April's out - pace yourself. And your pocket!" Remember that fellow capricorns, because I clearly haven't. This has all been picked up since I was in London which was only last weekend. I need somebody to padlock my bank card away for a while I think. Any takers?


  1. Good haul! I like all the things you bought :)

    Caitlin | Oceanic Stars

  2. omg so jealous of those skirts you got on sale. Super cute! And i love the pink colour of the shirt! Now I want to go shopping lol

  3. I like the checks shorts & jacket.. Thnz for the sweet comment on my blog dear... wanna follow each other

  4. Ooo I love the Primark necklaces :) xx

  5. Great haul I love the jelly shoes, I can't wait to myself a pair for this Spring. I have been looking for a fluffy jumper for ages I will be sure to check out H&M.


  6. I really like yuor style...i follow yuo :)

  7. Nom nom nom
    I love them all ♥♥♥

  8. you really scored! Love the graphic print H&M shorts, I want a pair!

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  9. The H&M pieces are lovely! x

  10. As a fellow Capricorn I would like to say there is zero chance of me pacing myself when it comes to my summer wardrobe haha! It's just too hard! Love the bomber jacket and jellies! xxx

  11. everything is so beautiful!

    come to visit me:

  12. Your fashion sense is so fab ;p
    I think ur blog is so chic :)
    the beauty and sugar scrub guru

  13. Hi I love your blog, I have just started mine and any advice would be great!!!
    Check It out! x

  14. I love every single thing you bought, but my favourites are the jelly Shoes and the jacket from topshop!

    I have just started running a blog ~ ♥

  15. Really great shopping, my favorites goes for the first two skirts!