Sunday, 12 May 2013

Week #19

Danny in the hot tub | Bank holiday chilling | Dad doing what he does best
Jailbird | Socks and sandals | New ASOS skirt
Tortellini for dinner | Beyonce as Mrs Carter bikini | My new arabel boots
Throwback to days in London | Breakfast in bed | The finished draft of my photo book

I couldn't miss my Sunday update no matter how much work I have to do! But it is just a quick one since my deadline is tomorrow. I've slowly realised university wasn't for me, but I've got one more year so I'm determined to graduate. 

My week started off perfectly with a little bank holiday barbecue at Mum and Dad's followed by an evening meal in Wetherspoons with all the family and Grandad. My ASOS skirt arrived this week, along with my Topshop Arabel boots, I've been dying to get these for ages and couldn't resist the strategic blogger photo of them posed on the box. 

I finally finished my one project for university that involved me creating a photobook. I filled mine with outfit post photos and you can even buy it on Amazon. I'm now spending the night finishing off my other project ready to hand in tomorrow and then I'm free until September!
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  1. Such pretty pictures, that bikini looks lovely!xx

  2. Love the design and photography in this post - very summery and happy!
    Loving your new boots!

    Yinyin x

  3. the little effects and decor you put on your photos is really sweet!



  4. Your Instagram feed is really nice. =)