Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Nails Inc. Denim & Stud

Nails Inc. claim their Denim and Stud set 'is a beautiful textured indigo shade that applies glossy and dries down to a classic denim effect finish.' It certainly does just that. It applies like an absolute dream and dries a textured blue in one coat. I waited to blog about this because I noticed after a days wear a silver shimmer appeared which I found very pretty, and I wanted to see what else happened. The texture also wears down to a smoother finish after a few days, but I for one quite like textured nail. In terms of chipping it still looks fresh as the day I painted them. Ten points!

This set includes the denim effect polish with the denim effect cap, a number of silver and gold stud embellishments, nail glue and cuticle sticks. I personally didn't like the studs. I just couldn't get on with them and they snagged on everything and just fell off. I reapplied them twice in the time I wore the polish and after a day they were ripped off.

Overall I really liked this product. I'd definitely give the studs a miss next time though since they snagged all of my tights! I know for a fact I wouldn't have paid £19 for it, even as a set, but if you are after something a bit different or for a gift for a nail art fanatic  then this is perfect.

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  1. Definitely not worth 19 squids.
    But it does lovely :)

  2. It looks really cool on your nails, though I'm just never one for studs on nails. :-) x