Monday, 27 May 2013

Your intentions were gold

H&M jeans
Topshop tee shirt
Primark, New Look & Matalan necklaces
H&M and Primark rings
I love these two colours together. They are very autumn'y colours but hey ho I'm still waiting for a proper summer. One day every other week just isn't good enough! I couldn't really decide whether three necklaces was too much, went with it anyway and loved it. I seriously love the stacked up necklace look, very Sarah Jessica Parker!

I've spent my bank holiday Monday wandering round Ikea buying furniture and then returned home to assemble it. I've realised I'm definitely the DIY part of the relationship. Daniel got far too frustrated for either of our likings when he tried assembling a drawer, so he went pottering off upstairs and I finished the job. Now I have no excuse for unpacking my office tomorrow. I can't wait to have a little workspace again, and I've been eying up an iMac for a couple of weeks. I can see a money saving target being made!

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  1. I want a jacket that color!
    wish I had Ikea in my town too, I'd spend all day in there. and my boyfriend gets annoyed pretty easily too. boys..

  2. I like those colours together too :) your jacket is great. Cool blog, by the way.

    Holly xoxo

  3. I love the colour combination! This is a great outfit x