Monday, 5 March 2012

dance baby dance

 shirt: H&M
denim jacket: ebay
trousers: H&M kids
shoes: New Look
bow tie: primark
watch: red herring

Happy Monday to you all! It was yet another lovely sunny day today, I had my little retro pink sunglasses on. I did miss the sun though as I was at university. I spent 4 hours in the darkroom, 4 bloomin’ hours! So I felt like a vampire when I went outside and was faced with sunlight.
I’m going to go off on a rant now so here goes... A guy started talking to me at the bus stop and asked what course I was studying. When I said photography he straight away commented on how easy it is compared to his course (maths) “it’s just standing round taking photos” were his words. I wish it was that simple! It annoys me how arrogant people are towards it, I’m not saying photography is as hard as maths but it’s still a degree just the same.
I felt a bit like I was dressed for an interview today, in a push-the-boundaries-of-interview dressing kind of way. I mean I’ve never rolled up at an interview in trousers like this but the bow tie and shirt combination is definitely on the cards for any future interviews.
I love my new little ballet pumps, they remind me of the days I did ballet and they're so comfy. If you’re after a pair of these, I’d recommend New Look. Topshop do a similar style for £16 but these are exactly the same for £7.99!

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