Wednesday, 29 February 2012

strawberries & cream

top: clothing at tesco
cardigan: primark
skirt: H&M
necklace: primark

What a beautiful day today has been. I do really love this time of year, just before the big buzz of summer when everybody is starting to get excited. It’s my Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary as well today, silly buggers got married on 29th February so although it’s been 20 years, they’ve only celebrated it 5 times, cuties!
I got told I look like Sarah Jessica Parker today, I think because of my choice of outfit. I always struggle to style this skirt because it doesn’t quite know whether to sit on my hips or waist, today I felt I’d done a good job though.
Also I hope you checked out UNESTABLISH in my sidebar, they're a great online store with some gorgeous clothing.

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