Tuesday, 7 February 2012

blue tuesday

top: H&M
coat: H&M
shorts: H&M
scarf: unknown
rings: primark and H&M

watch: red herring

I woke up to this morning to Facebook complaining it was freezing outside. I’ve come to realise as much as I hate the cold, I’m not one to complain, partly because I don’t help myself with the clothes I wear. My poor mum spends all winter telling me to put more clothes on, and I wonder why I keep getting colds.
I opted for a bit of colour when I looked out of my window this morning. It looked like an explosion in the icing sugar factory. I really like the colours of the shorts and t-shirt together, their bright colours, but in a more toned down, subtle sort of way.
Went to university only for the afternoon and was learning how to make cyanotypes. It was fun, but the amount of work thats mounting up isn’t. I guess I should start on that sometime soon. I told myself I wouldn’t slack again, but I seem to find it more fun if I’m under pressure...

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