Thursday, 9 February 2012

chelsea boots

blouse: primark
shorts: topshop
faux fur coat: new look
ring: primark
watch: red herring

Not my luckiest day, I got an £8 fine at university for breaking a thermometer - if only I wasn’t such a klutz! The stone fell of my ring (out came the super glue when I got home). Then I had to walk home from the town centre in the rain. With no umbrella. It was that horrible rain that left me soaked with no feeling in my face. Not happy.
At least I wore appropriate shoes for the rain, since I invested in a pair of boots from H&M. I’ve been after a pair of Chelsea boots for a few weeks so when I saw them at work, I had to have them. I like that the heel is only tiny on them, great for everyday and sooo comfy!

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