Monday, 6 February 2012

life is short. try to stay awake.

 sequin collar shirt: H&M
vest (worn underneath): primark
blazer: H&M
skirt: H&M
rings: accessorize, H&M, primark
nails: barrym

I went to a funeral today for my Mum’s cousin Steven. Cancer took him.
Funeral attire isn’t something I favour as the only other one I’ve been to was my Great Nan’s when I was eleven. I don’t even own a pair of tailored black trousers so it had to be a black skirt, and as short as this one may be, it seemed more appropriate than my other leather numbers...
I find death strange, so many people fear it, but I fear the idea of being insignificant. But then being in the service today, it made me think... Steven was handicapped, yet was still so happy with what he had, why can’t others be like that? The vicar described people with disability as ‘gifts from God’, which is true. Even after all the bad they have to contend with, they still have the ability to look at life and smile, and love people unconditionally.

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