Wednesday, 22 February 2012

tick tock tick tock

top: peacocks
shorts: topshop
blazer: H&M
necklace: ebay
watch: red herring

I’ve been on the mend this week, I feel much better today than I did Sunday, which is good, because I’m off to London tomorrow for fashion weekend. I went into panic mode in H&M earlier trying on loads of different dresses to try and find one to wear Friday. After trying all of them on, and having a hot flush like a menopausal woman, I decided I have a dress I’m in love with at home and it just required a new jacket - typical. So one of the guys I work with ran round the shop like a personal shopper picking up blazers for me. What a darlin’!
I brought the necklace for my little sister a while ago, so I think it’s only fair that she shares it. The clasp is broken but I kinda like it broken. I found a similar one on ebay here and they are so cheap I might order a new one.

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