Friday, 10 February 2012

michael jackson lost his blazer!

  blazer: H&M
t-shirt: primark
leggings: H&M
necklace: primark
scarf: peacocks
watch: red herring

I spent most of my Friday procrastinating, when I had planned on writing my essay for university. The idea of doing a 1500 word essay seems such an effort, especially when the 4500 word one I did in Sixth Form put me off completely.
Instead I went into town to return a jumper in Primark, one of those things that you kind of like in the shop so you give it the benefit of the doubt, then get it home and completely regret it! I came home to parcels from H&M and eBay. I then had a sleep and watched The Time Travellers Wife, which is a lovely film.
It’s the first time I’ve wore this blazer even though I’ve had it since December. I didn’t really know what to wear it with, but I just bit the bullet this morning and spent ages trying it on with everything! It’s maybe a little too dressy for day but I only showcased it in Primark, It’s a start!


  1. love the blazer :) and well combined with the scarf!
    great blog, dear!


  2. blazer is lovely; you look gorgeous!
    aw, love the time travellers wife, always makes me cry :) xo

  3. your blazer and scarf is absolutely gorgeous! and you look stunning. xx

  4. You look great! I love your accessories too