Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Sunday Post: Easter adventures

I didn't realise until I went full time at H&M how much I would appreciate days off. This week I worked Sunday through to Friday for a well deserved weekend off, oh it's been heavenly! I kicked off my Easter weekend with egg and soldiers for breakfast. I downloaded a new egg timer app which times your eggs perfectly to how you like them.

We decided to take a little trip to Shrewsbury for a walk around the Quarry and some lunch. I told Dan to decide where to lunch and he settled for Zizzi, an italian joint. There's a Zizzi opening in Telford soon and I'm ever so excited, the food was delicious, that much that I managed a full three courses! That never happens. I'm convinced some rings I bought in H&M fell out of the shopping bag in there though so I've been sulking all day about it.

We headed for the Quarry and mainly the Dingle, I haven't been there since I was on work experience with a photographer. It looked stunning! I didn't expect quite so many flowers this time of year so we took a little stroll around, basked in the sun for a little bit then headed home to Boo. The other cat in the picture is a little odd, he'll sit at our door just looking in, but any chance he gets when the door is open he'll come in and eat Boo's food. 

Happy Easter! I sure hope you've enjoyed your weekend and eaten plenty of chocolate! 
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  1. Your photos are so beautiful! Hope you've had a wonderful Easter weekend x