Sunday, 1 June 2014

The Sunday Post: Flower Power

I haven't uploaded a Sunday post since Easter when me and Dan visited Shrewsbury. Today though we ventured back to Ironbridge, a fail safe option but probably one of my favourite spots in Telford. We had brunch in a little cafe bar called Font Italia, which we drive past every single time we visit but have never given it a second glance. They make the best fresh lemonade I've ever tried, I think better than Camden Market, their panini's weren't far behind either.

We visited Queenies cupcakery which is always a must, but the highlight of my day has to be the chance visit to the florist to see if she had any peonies. She had three left and they were £4 each so she bunched them up with some other flowers and said I could have them for £10. I think she felt a little sorry for me going on about how they are my favourites but I can never find them anywhere. It's people like her that make the days worthwhile. 

We got home, ate some cake, played with puss cat, who you can tell just absolutely adores it when we have days off at home with him. I did a teeny tiny bit of gardening - i'm still a beginner, not crazy about the whole muddy wormy situation - but seeing the pink flower on my peony bush is making it worthwhile!

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  1. i'm desperate to go to Queenies, the cupcakes look incredible! Also, love your sunglasses!

  2. Amazing photos!

    Love, Minnja

  3. Love these photos! Your outfit is gorgeous and I'm would love to have a piece of those cupcakes hahaha x Savannah

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  5. those flowers are gorgeous! you take really gorgeous pictures too! x

  6. Fabulous photos. I love blogposts like this. Your day out looks amazing and those cakes – yum! Your blog is awesome :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog