Friday, 6 June 2014

Green pleats

H&M top
Urban Outfitters skirt
Primark jelly shoes
H&M handbag
Avon Ultra Colour Matte lipstick in Ruby

Lately, I've been trying to mix up new pieces in my wardrobe with older pieces that don't necessarily get the same attention as the new bits I pick up, that way everyone is happy! This skirt, which my Mum always told me made me look like a witch, is one that I picked up in LA two years ago. The lace top is new after I'd been eyeing it up for a while. The boxy fit is one that I'm loving lately, although it does make me look quite wide with this skirt.

This is one of those thrown together outfits that seem to have some order to it and looks a lot more thought out than it actually is. My Primark jelly's are surprisingly comfortable for only £4, they've got so much choice in there for shoes this season, although my feet are that wide these days they hardly fit into any. Being on my feet all day is definitely a downside to working in retail. Poor feet.

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  1. I love this look-- that lace top is too pretty! xx

  2. I work in retail so I hear ya about the sore feet! I love this outfit. It's so slouchy and smart at the same time (and not at all witchy- mums give the best compliments...) x

  3. beautiful plaid skirt and I really like that white top! lovely sandals as well:) and I really like the red lip!

  4. Stunning Lindsey, your skirt is just beautiful x

  5. Love the skirt, that bag is gorgeous <3

  6. Wow love the maxi skirts , the green color suits you dear :)
    I love your bag too.


  7. Love how you match the maxi skirt with jelly sandals :)