Sunday, 12 August 2012

Week #32

 eBay - CHECK IT OUT! // Portraits with kitty
 Monday's outfit // Round #1 at Cosmo
 Round #2 at Cosmo // Dessert!
 My cheeky little nephews birthday // Spotty tights 
 My new bracelet from Barcelona // Dot by Marc Jacob - smells so good!
 My coloured jeans collection // Cooking tea with my little sister
 My new fringe // Cheeky Dylan
 Finally reading the Hunger Games // Thursday's outfit 
 Fishbowl fun // Morning cuddles with Frankie
 Topping up my tan // Apparently I look like Boo from Monsters Inc.

It's took me hours to create this post because I'm so fixated on the Olympics closing ceremony. The seven year wait for the Olympics was definitely worth it. All those people who doubted us, and look what we've done. It makes me so proud to be British.

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